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Artist Behind Kate Middleton's New Portrait Reveals Inspiration Amid Public Outcry

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By Favour Adegoke on May 23, 2024 at 12:45 PM EDT

Hannah Uzor, the artist responsible for a recent Tatler portrait of Kate Middleton, has opened up about the creative process behind her work in response to significant public criticism.

She revealed that she wanted to "capture the soul" of the Princess and shared insights into why she chose the dress in the portrait and the background.

Despite the explanation, several royal fans have continued to criticize the magazine's decision to publish the portrait on its cover.

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Tatler Artist Wanted To 'Capture The Soul' Of Her Muse

On May 22, Tatler magazine unveiled a new portrait of Kate in its latest cover edition. However, shortly after its release, it received a barrage of backlash online, with many royal fans questioning Kate's likeness.

Amid the backlash, its creator, Uzor, has explained how the portrait was inspired by a video shared on Tatler's social media accounts.

According to the artist, she intended to "capture the soul" of the Princess of Wales, adding that she reviewed several materials from many of the senior royal's public appearances.

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"So I spent a lot of time looking at her and looking at her pictures, watching videos of her, seeing her with her family, seeing her on diplomatic visits, seeing her when she's rowing or visiting children in a hospice," Uzor said, per The Mirror. "It has been really interesting for me to get a sense of who she is."

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She Chose The Outfit In The Portrait Because It Looked 'Very Regal'

Kate Middleton

Uzor also revealed why she chose the caped white Jenny Packham floor-length evening dress, which Kate is depicted wearing in the portrait.

"This particular outfit that I chose was particularly striking; it made her look very regal and very confident."

Expanding on her explanation, she further shared that the background of the portrait was inspired by Kate's eye color and that she spent a lot of time ensuring that they both matched.

She added, "The bluey, turquoisey background was predominantly just to make sure that it matches her eyes because the eyes are really the window to the soul and so I focused a lot of time in trying to execute those eyes to match the color palette of the background as well."

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Royal Fans Are Very Displeased By The Portrait

Even after Uzor's explanation, royal fans remain discontented with the magazine's decision to publish the portrait on its cover. Many deem it an insult to the Princess, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

One person said, "It's hideous. I cannot believe you are publishing it. Are you trying to kick someone when they're down? It sure does look that way."

Another royal fan commented, "Absolutely disgraceful, nothing like our Beautiful Princess of Wale," while a third wrote, "Absolutely horrible rendition of our beautiful Princess of Wales."

Someone else remarked, "The painting is not The Princess of Wales, nice colors but no semblance."

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One more person wrote, "Looks nothing like her. Doesn't capture her resemblance in the least. If it wasn't for the dress and tiara, no one would know it's supposed to be Catherine. Even those of us "looking beyond the surface" (for instance I loved the recent "red" portrait of the King) can see that this is a terribly amateur attempt at painting the Princess of Wales."

Kate Middleton's Husband Recently Shared An Update About Her Health

Prince William and Kate Middleton with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Start at Lambrook School

During a recent humanitarian visit to a hospital, Kate's husband, Prince William, gave an update about her health status.

The senior royal shared that the Princess is "doing well," raising the hopes of royal fans around the world who are deeply worried about her.

According to a recent report, the prince is also "staying positive for Kate and the children" and is "all about helping her" get better.

Details about the type of cancer Kate is plagued with remain undisclosed, although it was revealed that she became aware of it following abdominal surgery earlier this year.

Since her video statement in March, she hasn't made any public appearances, leaving uncertainty about her attendance at upcoming royal events such as Trooping the Color in June.

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Kate Middleton Is Leaning On Prince William As A 'Source Of Comfort'

Kate Middleton and Prince William at The Royal Variety Performance 2023

In the video of Kate announcing her cancer diagnosis, the Princess of Wales spoke about how she has relied on her husband, Prince William, as a "source of comfort" amid her cancer battle.

She said, "Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance, too."

Kate also mentioned their three kids, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, as her support systems as she undergoes chemotherapy.

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