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Diddy Hit With Fresh Lawsuit By Model Claiming He Drugged And Sexually Assaulted Her

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By Favour Adegoke on May 21, 2024 at 8:00 PM EDT
Updated on May 21, 2024 at 8:30 PM EDT

The hits keep on coming for embattled rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs, who is being accused of sexual assault again by another woman.

In a recent legal filing, model Crystal McKinney claims Diddy drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2003. She detailed the incident in her lawsuit, noting that the rapper allegedly gave her "weed" laced with "narcotic or other intoxicating substances" before allegedly forcing her to perform "oral sex" on him.

This new scathing lawsuit comes after Diddy apologized for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra "Cassie" Ventura after a brutal video of the incident was released.

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Diddy Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Model

Graphic Details Of Cassie Abusing Diddy Revealed By Security Guard

According to a report in McKinney's lawsuit, she claims that she met Diddy at a Men's Fashion Week event at Cipriani Downtown in NYC. The rapper, after the event, invited the model back to his studio, where the alleged sexual assault incident happened.

On getting to Diddy's studio, McKinney alleges that there were several other people at the place indulging in alcohol and weed. The former model noted that while she was there, she took a "very powerful" hit of the joint being passed around, which she later found out was laced with "a narcotic."

After the weed incident, McKinney claims the rapper told her to follow him to the bathroom, where he allegedly forced himself on her by kissing her and shoving her face into his crotch, and ordering her to "suck it."

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McKinney says she refused his request, which allegedly prompted Diddy to push her head down and force the sexual incident.

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Crystal McKinney Was Prompted To Speak Up After Seeing The Lawsuits Filed By Cassie And Others

After the forced oral sex, McKinney claims she started walking away when she began to feel dizzy before eventually losing consciousness. She later woke up in a taxi, realizing that she had been sexually assaulted.

McKinney, who is requesting unspecified damages, further noted in the legal filing that she was blackballed from the modeling industry after the alleged sexual assault incident.

According to the former model, she felt the need to speak out after learning of Diddy's ex-girlfriend, Cassie, and other women's lawsuits against the disgraced rapper.

McKinney said, per TMZ, that she "knew she had a moral obligation to speak up."

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Cassie Accused The Music Producer Of Rape And Abuse In 2023

Diddy Accused Of Rape, Physical Abuse, Sex Trafficking By Ex-Girlfriend Cassie

Last year, Cassie filed a bombshell lawsuit against Diddy, which opened a floodgate to a myriad of lawsuits against the rapper by other women, McKinney being the latest one.

In Cassie's legal filing, she alleged that Diddy controlled and abused her for over ten years. The R&B singer said that he drugged her, beat her, and forced her to have sex with numerous male sex workers, all on video. 

Cassie stated in her lawsuit that her relationship with Diddy started in 2007, after which he quickly began a pattern of severe abuse. She alleged that the rapper was "prone to uncontrollable rage" and would subject her to "savage" beatings, often punching, kicking, and stomping on her.

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However, despite Cassie's shocking allegations against Diddy, the rapper settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount within hours of the singer filing it.

Diddy's Swift Lawsuit Settlement Linked To Recently Released Video Of Him Assaulting Cassie

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Diddy's decision to settle Cassie's lawsuit raised eyebrows as to why he decided to follow such a path rather than clear his name in court.

The rapper's reason for quickly settling has now been linked to a recently released hotel surveillance footage of him violently assaulting Cassie in 2016.

According to former special agent Tracy Walder, the embattled music executive "settled so quickly" because of the brutal video. She claimed the rapper "never expected the video to get out."

Walder also noted that the statute of limitations has passed, so a felony assault charge cannot be filed against Diddy.

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"Felony assaults in California have a statute of limitations of three years. Since this stemmed from a 2016 incident, she wouldn't be able to file assault or battery charges in Los Angeles," the law enforcement agent told People magazine.

Diddy Has Apologized For Physically Abusing Cassie

On Sunday, the rapper took to his Instagram page to share a video recording of himself directly addressing the disturbing clip of him assaulting Cassie.

The video was released by CNN and featured Diddy shoving, kicking, and dragging Cassie while they were lodged at a hotel in 2016.

In his apology video, Diddy decided to own up to his actions, noting how "sorry" he is for his past actions.

The rapper said, "It's so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you got to do that. I was f--ked up. I mean, I hit rock bottom — but I make no excuses. My behavior [in] that video is inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I'm disgusted. I was disgusted then when I did it, I'm disgusted now."

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He continued, "I went, and I sought out professional help. Had to go into therapy. Had to go into rehab. Had to ask God for his mercy and grace. I'm so sorry. But I'm committed to [being] a better man each and every day. And I'm not asking for forgiveness. I'm truly sorry."

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