Alexandra Ianculescu taking a selfie.

Speed Skater Alexandra Ianculescu Drops Jaws In Her Cheeky 'Beach Photos'

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By Alisan Duran on May 20, 2024 at 8:30 AM EDT

Olympic speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu traded in her ice skates for a sun-soaked getaway, capturing the attention of her Instagram followers with a striking photo of herself in a vibrant red bikini.

The Romanian-Canadian athlete, known for her prowess on the ice, showcased her toned physique and radiant smile, effortlessly blending athleticism and glamour in the stunning beachside snapshot.

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Alexandra Ianculescu Shows Plenty Of Skin In An Itty-Bitty Bikini

The 32-year-old turned heads in a bikini that left little to the imagination, creating a seriously eye-catching display. The striking hue of her swimwear popped against her sun-kissed complexion, amplifying the allure of her beachside ensemble.

However, it wasn't just the bold color that captivated her fans; Ianculescu's confident pose and toned physique highlighted her athletic grace, making the photo a testament to both her beauty and strength.

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Baring That Sun-Kissed Glow On Instagram

Ianculescu stunned her followers with her bold choice of swimwear, opting for a daring ensemble that pushed the boundaries of convention. The minuscule thong bottoms, though in a classic design, offered scant coverage that left little to the imagination.

With high leg cuts, they highlighted her sculpted legs and elongated her frame for an irresistibly flattering look. The waistband, rising high above her hips, accentuated her trim waist and flat midsection, enhancing the overall allure of her beach-ready appearance.

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Basking In The Beach Sunshine

Atop her daring pink bottoms, Ianculescu chose a scanty top, with only the thin black strings wrapping around her ribcage visible in the snapshot, adding an element of allure to her beach look.

To shield her eyes from the sun's rays during her sunbathing session, the athlete accessorized with a pair of stylish sunglasses, adding a touch of glamour to her beach ensemble. Her long, brunette locks were elegantly tied into a bun, keeping them out of her way as she enjoyed her time by the shore.

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When The Sun's Out, Buns Are Out

The mesmerizing photograph showcased Ianculescu lying comfortably on her stomach, her body pressed against the sun-kissed sand. With her arms crossed and her head resting lightly on them, the Olympic star radiated a sense of tranquility and ease. Adding a playful touch to the serene moment, she lifted her legs, bending her knees and pointing her toes toward the sparkling sea.

Set against the peaceful backdrop of the water gently caressing the shore, Ianculescu's perfectly bronzed skin gleamed in the golden sunlight, creating an enchanting and luminous effect.

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Nothing Could Beat The 'Beach Photos'

Despite the picturesque backdrop, it was Ianculescu's playful display that stole the spotlight, captivating her online audience. Her cheeky pose and sun-kissed allure undoubtedly left her fans mesmerized, drawing all eyes to her radiant presence.

According to the geotag, the athlete was in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

In the caption, she wrote: "Beach photos >>> Bike Photos."

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