'Little Women' Stars Agree to Stay Away From Each Other During Nasty Split

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By Gary Trock on July 9, 2019 at 12:19 PM EDT

"Little Women: LA" star Christy Gibel and her estranged husband have finally agreed on something ... staying the heck away from each other!

According to L.A. County court records, Christy and husband Todd Gibel have agreed to stay 100 yards away from each other.

The two sides agreed to a "mutual stay away/no contact agreement" and the temporary restraining order that was in place was dismissed.

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As we reported, Christy originally obtained a restraining order against Todd after she returned to the home and found Todd opening her and her daughter's mail and ripping it up. She claims Todd then began posting about their relationship on Instagram, which she says led to her being harassed online.

Christy claimed Todd, "made derogatory remarks every day" about her makeup, cooking, weight, and dyslexia. She also claims he "blackmailed" and manipulated her into staying with him and threatened to "ruin" her.

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She also described an incident in 2015 when Todd allegedly "started slapping" her and holding her down in a hotel room.

Now that both Christy and Todd have agreed to stay away from each other, the actual TRO case was dismissed.

However, they are still tangled up in a messy split, as Christy wants an annulment on the grounds that Todd allegedly defrauded her in their marriage.

Christy claims Todd, "knew the effect ["Little Women"] would have on the Iittle people community and intended on riding my celebrity status, and defrauding me out of money."

She also claims he spent over $100,000 of her money, and that the two never even had sex during their four-year marriage.

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Unlike divorce, an annulment is retroactive and classifies the marriage invalid from the start, essentially wiping it off the books.

Luckily, with all the turmoil, Christy has found love again and is currently dating a man named Gonzo.

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