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Olivia Dunne In Bikini Handstand Confirms She's 'A Gymnast'

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By Evie Scott on May 14, 2024 at 8:30 AM EDT

Olivia Dunne admitted that she "didn't know she could do this" while delivering her jaw-dropping September 2023 handstand on TikTok, although fans seemed most appreciative of her taking the time to reply to someone. Delivering another impressive move, the 21-year-old LSU gymnast thrilled her mass fanbase with a bikini-clad reminder of her skillset, flipping her legs up into a handstand while outdoors and also checking boxes for cute swimwear style. Dunne, who is followed by 8 million on TikTok, was amusingly asked if she's "a gymnastic" by a fan. In a sweet reply, the blonde confirmed that yes, she "is indeed a gymnast."

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Olivia Dunne Gives Fans A Look At Her Gymnastics Time In Her Bikini

Scroll for the video. Flaunting her sensational figure in a tight red two-piece that highlighted her curves and gym-honed muscles, Olivia was filmed wet-haired and on a sunny outdoor deck.

Using a nearby wall for eventual support, Olivia flipped her toned body into a perfect handstand, taking a brief moment to fold her legs for a mid-air pose before elongating them and resting her pointed feet against the wall. Making mouths water with her sculpted legs, abs, and peachy rear, the New Jersey native sizzled in her cheeky swimsuit, wearing only a hair tie around her wrist for accessories.

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In a caption, Olivia wrote: "Didn’t know i could still do this," adding a #foryou. 

The comments section has exploded. Fans rushed to send Olivia love, and it looks like one fan got a little love back. "Livvy are you a gymnastic???" they asked, gaining over 700 likes. "I am indeed a gymnastic," the Plantfuel ambassador replied as fans left over 800 likes. "Livvy that was really cool," another fan said, with a third even eyeing up some superhero potential in her. "You could be the next Superhero with those moves!..," they wrote.

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Jaw-Dropping Splits In Tight Leotard

Olivia made sure to showcase her impressive flexibility with this beam-set split last year, throwing out one hand as she sent fans "Seasons greetings."  Stunning with her toned legs spread out into a side split, the social media favorite rocked a skintight purple leotard, plus her blonde locks scraped back into a ponytail. The December 2023 share came shortly before the holidays.

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Gotta Make Cash!

Olivia has been both praised and criticized for capitalizing on her fame, but her opinions stand firm.

“Opportunities for men and women in NCAA sports should be equal. But a lot of the NIL collectives only go to men’s athletics,” she told People. “I want to show you can do whatever you love — whether it’s gymnastics or music or painting — and capitalize on it and create your own business."

"With gymnastics, you peak when you're about 15 years old. After college, there's nothing really for gymnasts," she continued.

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