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Megan Fox In String Bikini 'May Cause Romantic Distress'

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By Evie Scott on May 12, 2024 at 2:30 PM EDT

Megan Fox's bikini photos came with a warning as a fan dedicated to the 37-year-old posted shots of her Instagram in May 2023. Reminding the platform of the actress' fierce figure as they shared skimpy swimwear snaps of her, the user told fans that the photos "may cause romantic distress," likely joking as they gave a nod to Fox's good looks. Stripping down as she flaunted her eye-popping curves for her 2023 Sports Illustrated Swim shoot, Megan modeled a barely-there bikini in sheer fabrics with colorful jewel embellishments, and she wasn't hiding her body.

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Megan Fox 'May Cause Romantic Distress'

Scroll for the photos, ones seeing the Transformers star in the Dominican Republic. Enjoying lush jungle greenery as she posed amid large leaves, Megan sizzled in a plunging, cleavage-baring GCDS bikini top with minuscule, multicolor jewel specks covering a sheer tan base. Upping the ante with her curve show, the mom of three also highlighted her gym-honed abs as she wore delicate gold body chains, plus her dark hair down.

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Lifting her arms up to nearby leaves, Megan also flaunted a long manicure as she pierced the lens with a direct gaze, showing off her light eyes and plump pout and definitely driving fans to swipe.

Further photos showed Megan in the same stylish bathing suit, this time bringing in the two-piece's high-waisted briefs. All curvy hips and toned thighs as she knocked the camera dead, Megan and her gallery greeted fans with that "may cause romantic distress" disclaimer, something that fans seemed to appreciate.

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Sheer Beaded Dress From The Ocean

Opting out of swimwear for her SI Swim cover, Megan instead channeled the chainmail effect look she's so fond of for red carpet outfits. Stripping down to a beyond-tiny Celia Kritharioti dress formed of beaded links and pendant details in copper-gold shades, the actress posed kneeling in shallow ocean waters, showing off her sunkissed body and famous tattoos as the magazine honored her.

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Says She's 'Deep' And 'Thoughtful'

The shoot came complete with an in-depth interview, one seeing reality star Kourtney Kardashian asking the questions. Prompting Megan to state the "first thing" people notice when meeting her, the 45-year-old listened as Megan said:

"Anybody who’s been around me for a few minutes will notice that I am pretty deep and rather thoughtful, because I’m not good at having shallow conversations. Anybody who’s been unfortunate to get stuck at my table at an event has ended up going through a total psychological exam, because I don’t know how to just be like, O.K. guys, wow. This event’s so fire. I have to go straight to, How old were you when your parents divorced? Do you have dreams about your dad?"

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