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By Mike Walters on June 21, 2019 at 5:58 AM EDT


Fans of the "Friday" franchise are about to be very excited, because Ice Cube says the final film in the franchise is almost ready to be announced.

We caught up with the hip-hop and movie mogul in New York City. Cube gave us updates on the new film, and also spoke on his Big 3 basketball league.

"It's coming," Cube says. He got a little more specific on where exactly his team is working on the movie and explained, "I'm doing a re-write with DJ Pooh right now."

Its great news, after the film has been in development for years, and hopefully the news will re-ignite fans to get behind Cube as he finishes up the movie.

The final version is tentatively titled, "Last Friday" but Ice Cube has been clear for a number of years that he would not release it unless "we can do it right."

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Unfortunately, Chris Tucker seems to have bowed out of the process, making it a long shot over a reunion between Craig and Smokey.

Hopefully, Cube can still figure out a way to have some of that classic interaction on the porch of Craig's parents home.

Fans have also been speculating lately about how interesting it is that Cube and his writing team can address the new legality of marijuana.

Along with "Friday," Ice Cube addressed the success of his Big 3 league and ran through some of the possible star-studded teams playing this year, including the possibility of Lamar Odom.

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In case you need a reminder that we're all getting old, the original 'Friday' was released in 1995.

Luckily, we all know it lives up to the hype every time it comes on the TV ... so maybe it's a good time to watch it again today as we get ready for the new hotness.

Because it's Friday ...

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