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Donald Trump Blasts White House Correspondents' Dinner: 'Doesn't Get Much Worse Than This!'

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By Favour Adegoke on April 28, 2024 at 8:00 PM EDT
Updated on April 28, 2024 at 11:02 PM EDT

Donald Trump went on a wild rant about the recently held White House Correspondents' Dinner. The former president took shots at Colin Jost and President Joe Biden, who both trolled him during the event.

It comes amid his being embroiled in a trial about hush money payments paid to former adult film star  Stormy Daniels, whom he allegedly had a sexual encounter with.

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Donald Trump Says The White House Correspondents' Dinner 'Was Really Bad'

E. Jean Carroll Celebrates $83M Win Over Donald Trump At NYC Bar

Taking to his social media platform, Truth Social, Trump shared his opinion of the White House Correspondents' Dinner - an annual event hosted to honor journalists who cover the President of the United States and his administration.

The former president particularly slammed Biden and Jost, who made jokes about him while giving speeches at the dinner.

Trump wrote, "The White House Correspondents' Dinner was really bad. Colin Jost BOMBED, and Crooked Joe was an absolute disaster! Doesn't get much worse than this!"

During the dinner, Biden subtly referenced Trump as a "6-year-old" while talking about the upcoming presidential elections.

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He added, per the New York Post, "The defeated former president [Trump] has made no secret of his attack on our democracy. He said he wants to be a dictator on Day One and so much more. He tells supporters he is the revenge and retribution."

Meanwhile, Jost trolled Trump for falling asleep during court sessions for his ongoing hush money trial. He also praised Biden, saying, "Thank you for your decency."

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Donald Trump Is Leading Joe Biden In New Poll

Biden Administration Takes 'Major Step' To Help Americans From 'Getting Ripped Off'

As the campaign for the next election continues, a recent report has shown that many people find Biden's current tenure a failure while Trump's was a success.

According to NYP, based on registered voters, the poll found that 61% deemed Biden's tenure a failure, while 39% deemed it a success. The values worsened from the 57% they were back in January.

With regards to political supporters, the poll showed that "Republicans now are more unified around the idea that Trump's presidency was a success than Democrats are that Biden's has been one."

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"Overall, 92% of Republicans call Trump's time in office a success, while just 73% of Democrats say Biden's has been a success so far. Among independents, 51% say Trump's presidency was successful while only 37% see Biden's as a success," the report claimed.

The poll also hinted that Trump had the most support for the upcoming elections, with 49% of registered voters siding with him, while Biden only garnered 43%.

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Donald Trump Claims Hush Money Trial Is 'Political Persecution'

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The favorable numbers for Trump come in the wake of his being embroiled in a trial in Manhattan over charges of paying hush money to adult entertainer Stormy Daniels to keep their alleged affair from becoming public knowledge.

The former president has not taken the trial in stride and was seen ranting to reporters on the first day.

"Nobody has ever seen anything like it," Trump said, per The Guardian. "This is political persecution ... it's a case that should have never been brought."

The Ex-President Claims His Trial Is An 'Assault On America'

Donald Trump's 2nd Day Appearance for Court Fraud Trial in New York.

Although Trump refrained from naming names while ranting about the trial, he went on to call the proceedings "an assault on America."

He continued, "This is an assault. On our country. And it's a country that's failing. It's a country that's run by an incompetent man who's very much involved in this case. "

"This is really an attack on a political opponent. That's all it is. So I'm very honored to be here," the former president added.

During his court hearing on Friday, which coincided with his wife, Melania Trump's 54th birthday, the billionaire mogul went on another rant, claiming that he couldn't spend the day with his wife because of the trial.

He also wished her a happy birthday outside the courtroom, which caused him to get ridiculed online.

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Donald Trump Calls His Gag Order 'Unconstitutional'

Melania Trump Is 'Not Happy' Hearing 'New Details' In Donald Trump's Hush Money Trial

Prior to the start of the trial, Trump was slammed with a gag order to prohibit him from publicly discussing witnesses or jurors in the criminal hush money case.

However, he was recently accused of violating the order several times, leading to a separate motion to be heard to confirm if he indeed did so.

In typical Trump style, he spoke with the press to voice his dissatisfaction with the restrictions that come with the gag order.

"We have a gag order, which to me is totally unconstitutional," Trump told the press while holding onto articles he claimed called the hush money trial a "sham."

He added, "I'm not allowed to talk, but people are allowed to talk about me, so they can talk about me. They can say whatever they want. They can lie, but I'm not allowed to say anything."

The real estate mogul also claimed that his participation in the campaign trail was being derailed by his being compelled to attend the trial.

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