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Demi Rose Arches Back In Pasties Swimsuit From A Swimming Pool

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By Evie Scott on April 25, 2024 at 7:30 AM EDT

Demi Rose went full bombshell with these swimming pool snaps, ones reposted to a fan Instagram account dedicated to the 29-year-old model. Sizzling in a pasties bikini with a barely there feel, Demi showed off her famous curves while topping up her tan in the sun, leaving little to the imagination and likely driving her 19 million+ IG fans wild. Sticking to a classic shade of black, the British beauty lounged around the steps of a small, private plunge pool, likely on one of her many vacations as she updates fans on her travels. The latest even sees her stripping down to thong swimwear in Brazil!

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Demi Rose Is Stunning From The Pool

Scroll for the photos. Drenched in sunlight as she bronzed her curvy body while semi-submerged, Demi sizzled as she arched her back and rested her head on chic, slate-gray stone wrapping the swanky pool.

Letting her luscious dark hair cascade around the stone, the bikini bombshell offered an eye-popping view of her large chest in a daring, low-cut swimsuit in black, one barely protecting her modesty and with stylish pasties keeping her safe. Flashing her taut tummy as she went stringy and banded around the neck with a choker finish, Demi also exuded plenty of class as she lay with her eyes closed and looking peaceful.

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Flaunting her curvaceous hips and tan legs, Rose returned for a close-up in a swipe right, this time showing more chest and the attractive, glittery detailing on her swimwear's pasties. "Amazing," one fan replied, with others showering the star with heart emoji. The photos were uploaded to the fan feed in August 2022.

Demi has since made headlines for jetting out to Brazil and just this week dropped a thrilling set of bikini-clad snaps to her Instagram to mark her travels. She even posed kicking her legs out of a window while in a tiny bikini.

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Topless In A Treehouse

Offering plenty to look at with her gorgeous treehouse snap, Demi leaned out of a window while seemingly topless, throwing her head back as she showcased her bare chest while also letting fans take in the cute wooden house and tree-wrapped setting. Admitting that she hadn't posted in a while, the ex to rapper Tyga said: "Realised I hadn’t posted in a month oops."

Demi's posts show off her hourglass figure, but they also let fans in on her travels, fashion sense, and self-care, with many a bubble bath having been posted. "I like to make sure I have a good amount of rest whether I am traveling or working and if I don’t then I start to feel this way. Coffee helps!" she told Heat World.

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Banana And Stretchy Undies

Demi also pays attention to what she eats, and she showed fans her breakfast banana in this stunning photo. "Desayuno," she wrote, which translates from the Spanish of "breakfast."

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