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Kid Cudi Leaves Coachella Stage In Pain After A Stunt Went Wrong

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 22, 2024 at 10:45 AM EDT
Updated on April 22, 2024 at 10:59 AM EDT

Kid Cudi is taking time to heal after fracturing his foot during his Coachella performance. 

The rapper sustained the injury when he attempted to jump off the stage during his unexpected addition to the weekend two lineup at the music festival.

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Kid Cudi Announced His Leg Injury To Fans On Social Media

Kid Cudi at Coachella Music Festival 2024

A video shared on the social media platform TikTok shows the exact moment that Cudi hurt his leg during the performance. 

After jumping to the floor, the hitmaker, born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, is seen lying on the floor while security comes to his aid.

In another clip uploaded to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, he was observed leaving the Sahara stage towards the end of his 40-minute set. 

He seemed off-balance, swaying back and forth, before attempting a jump that ended in a rough landing. Taking to X to update his fans, the 40-year-old wrote:

"Hey guys, so I broke my foot today at the show. just leavin the hospital. Never broken a bone before so this is all a bit crazy."

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Wrapping up the statement, he stressed, "I wanna thank u all for ur concerns and well wishes!! I love yall man. I heard yall still ragin when I was offstage. Made me smile big."

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Social Media Users Had A Field Day With Cudi's Fall

Reacting to the TikTok video of the fall, one viewer commented, "Bro thought he still was in his 20s," as another quipped, "He's not kid cudi no more… he unc Cudi."

"Them tight -ss jeans with his old -ss," a third social media citizen noted, while a fourth asked, "Why did he jump down like that tho???" and a fifth commented, "His foot got caught on the edge of the stage with a net he couldn't see from his angle."

Similarly, another fan explained, "It looks like his foot got caught. I highly doubt he'd just jump off the stage lmao."

Meanwhile, this person wrote, "I love how he keeps a smile on his face. Probably because he knows everyone is watching him, but still," and yet another added, "If the pants weren't so tight he'd be able to bend his d-mn knees."

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Is Cudi Planning To Leave Music Behind?

Kid Cudi at World Premiere of Netflix's 'Don't Look Up'

Before the fall, The Blast reported that Cudi had gotten fans' attention by alluding to an impending exit from the music industry. 

Speaking on it during an October 2022 appearance on First We Feast's "Hot Ones," the "Pursuit of Happiness" performer said:

"I just don't know if I wanna do music, drop albums for too much longer, you know? I'm kind of nearing the end on all things Kid Cudi, I think." 

Despite that, Cudi was quick to hint that he was not throwing in the towel just yet as he was "really curious to see what else" he could still accomplish in the music industry.

Some fans promptly took the declaration to mean that the Cleveland native still wanted to create more albums or even work on a few collaborations with other musicians.

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Cudi Expressed His Frustration At People Questioning His Sexuality

Kid Cudi at Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Los Angeles Premiere

Later in July 2023, Cudi slammed his homophobic followers for questioning his sexuality based on his appearance. The Blast observed that the drama began after the "Need for Speed" actor shared a snapshot of himself smiling on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, the innocuous post led critics to make unfounded claims about his sexuality. Without wasting any time, he took to X, to address the issues, typing:

"You know what's crazy, and makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on it and there are mad comments questioning my sexuality flooding my page with insults."

After pointing out that he felt "terrible" for the critics, Cudi concluded, "It's sad out here. A man can't even smile and be happy anymore. SMH."

Cudi's Father Brought Out A New Side Of Him

apos Spider-Man No Way Home apos LA premiere arrivals

As expected, fans jumped into the replies to air their thoughts about the producer's rant. The real highlight came when one person stated, "I'm sorry it got to you, Cudi. I'm sad you think it's a diss," and the Grammy Award winner typed a lengthy response, which began:

"It's more the ignorance; Im not insulted. It's just sad to see people so lame; it's sad someone, a man, cant show joy without there being some conversation about their sexuality."

He emphasized that even though he was not insulted by the comments it was "just sad to see people so lame; it's sad someone, a man, can't show joy without there being some conversation about their sexuality."

Cudi went even deeper, reflecting on the kind of childhood he had with his strict father. He shared:

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"When I was a lil boy, my dad was super militant. He never liked us playing around most of the time. He was very strict. It's almost like being silly was a sign of weakness to him." 

Ultimately, that experience made him promise himself that nobody not even his father would "dim my light."

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