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Perez Hilton Doubles Down On Kyle Marisa Roth, 'Not Apologizing For Anything'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on April 18, 2024 at 4:24 PM EDT

Perez Hilton is standing his ground!

The celebrity gossip blogger and media personality is sticking to his guns about what he said about popular TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth who passed away last week.

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Perez Hilton Shares His Thoughts On Kyle Marisa Roth During Another Live

Perez Hilton

Hilton, who's been known to upset a person or two with his opinions, shared his thoughts on viral TikTok creator Kyle Marisa Roth shortly after her unexpected passing.

Many viewers got upset hearing what he was saying and left comments like, "Perez you have NO RIGHT TO SPECULATE on the tragic passing of Kyle! Have you no compassion or decency?! This is so low," and "Perez is evil and narcissistic."

To try to clear the air a bit, Hilton brought the subject up again during a subscriber-only Instagram Live on Wednesday night, which The Blast joined to get a better understanding of where he was coming from.

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"My Live from yesterday had gone viral. A lot of people are sharing it and commenting on what I said being outraged. I’m confused. I don’t know what outrageous things I said," he said during the Live.

"I didn’t script what I was gonna write. I spoke spontaneously from the heart and the very first thing that I said when discussing the death of TikTok creator Kyle Marisa Roth, I said, sad. And then I went and I showed empathy and compassion for her family."

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Perez Hilton Also Shared His Thoughts On Kyle Marisa Roth's Career Again

Perez Hilton
TikTok | Seven.official.sister

Hilton then added his thoughts about the content Roth was sharing on TikTok, the same exact thoughts that upset so many people during his Live on Tuesday.

"And then I gave my thoughts on her career and that is separate from who she was. I said I didn’t like what she did professionally. I never said anything about her as a person. I didn’t say she was a bad person. I didn’t call her names," he reiterated during Wednesday's Live.

"I said that most of what she did was read blind items, most of which she didn’t even write herself. She would read blind items from other sources like Crazy Days and Nights."

Hilton feels that a lot of Roth's "hardcore followers" are "conspiracy theory people" and he's not a fan of that.

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"She traded in conspiracy theories regularly and so many of the blind items that she shared were not true," he said. "In fact, a month ago, I made a video about Kyle Marisa Roth. Let’s look at that video. This was posted on March 14. This video is the perfect example of what Kyle Marisa Roth did and who she was publicly."

He then showed the video Roth shared talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton, and after said, "None of that is true. Yet her followers believed that."

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Perez Hilton Also Brought Up Jennifer Lopez And Kyle Marisa Roth's TikTok Account Getting Banned

A woman holds her hand up to her face.
Instagram | Kyle Marisa Roth

Hilton also quickly touched on the fact that many of Roth's followers are sending hate to Jennifer Lopez.

"And what’s worse is now so many of her followers are sending hate and bullying Jennifer Lopez because they are convinced Jennifer Lopez got Kyle Marisa Roth, one of her TikTok accounts banned," he explained. 

Perez said it’s possible but not likely that Lopez got Roth’s original TikTok account banned.

“I speak from experience. TikTok would not have taken her account down if they could not have backed up why," he said. "They wouldn’t have done that if Jennifer Lopez said ban her."

He then showed Roth's backup TikTok account saying she was a "conspiracy theorist" and "somebody that used other people's content to get herself a platform." He also said she was "perpetually wrong."

During the Live, The Blast commented, "You seemed to call her out for speculating, but then speculated yourself. What's the difference?"

Hilton replied, "I mean, I didn't call her out for speculating, or maybe I did - did I? I don't remember if I said that. I called her out for all the things that I reiterated today, and if I didn't specify that well enough, then today I concisely explained the reasons why I did not appreciate, enjoy, or respect what she did professionally. But absolutely, I said I was speculating. Speculation is not inherently bad. It was the conspiracy theories, the sharing things that she knew were false."

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Perez Hilton Said He's 'Not Apologizing For Anything'

Perez Hilton

Hilton said many times he wasn't a fan of Roth and reiterated by saying, "Even though I didn't like what she did professionally, it's still sad that she died. I mean that."

He also shared that he's "not apologizing for anything" that was said during the prior Live. He feels he didn't say anything "inappropriate" but did admit to "speculating."

"She knew all of those things that she was saying about Prince William were not true. She also knew that it would go very viral and get a lot of views on TikTok," he continued.

"I take what I do seriously. I'm not gonna make up something just for views, for attention."

Viewers Were Not Happy With Tuesday Night's Live!

Hilton's Tuesday night Live was shared by TikTok creator @seven.official.sister.

Many viewers dropped into the comments to explain how they felt hearing Hilton talking about Roth just days after her death was announced.

"Perez Hilton ruined the mental health of every celebrity woman in the early 2000s. He has no room to talk," one viewer wrote.

Another added, "Didn’t Perez Hilton gain fame from his blog where he speculated about all of Hollywood?"

One other viewer shared, "Perez Hilton attacking someone for speculating while speculating."

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