Lindsay Lohan to Senator John Kennedy: 'What a Jerk!'

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By TheBlast Staff on October 6, 2017 at 12:23 AM EDT

Lindsay Lohan is furious a Senator would take a cheap shot at her out of the blue, especially when she's been on a recent happy and healthy path in life.

Lohan is livid Senator Kennedy would "discuss stuff that's so far in the past" and says he is just being a "jerk."

In fact, Lohan thinks the 65-year-old Kennedy's lack of knowledge on her current healthy lifestyle is troubling, and is telling friends it leads her to believe he may be "senile."

The "Mean Girls" star just learned about Senator John Kennedy's comments during the congressional hearing over credit reporting firm Equifax getting hacked.

During the hearing, the Senator questioned CEO Richard Smith about getting a no-bid contract, likening it to "giving Lindsay Lohan keys to the mini bar."

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Lilo has struggled with addiction in the past, and has been open about it, but since relocating overseas has cleaned up her act and is determined to focus on her well being.

Lindsay's not the only Lohan irate over the Senator's comments, her parents are also threatening a lawsuit on her behalf.

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