Kathy Griffin's Neighbor Calls Her a 'Stupid Bitch' in Newly Released Video

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By TheBlast Staff on December 18, 2017 at 7:25 PM EST

Kathy Griffin is heading into court tomorrow armed with more evidence her neighbor has been verbally abusive towards her on multiple occasions.

The Blast has obtained a new video and two new audio clips Griffin and her legal team are using as evidence in her ongoing restraining order battle with Jeffrey Mezger, the CEO of KB Home.

The video was shot on May 26, 2017 and you can clearly see Mezger walk up to the fence between their homes and yell, "Close your door!"

He then mutters under his breath, "Stupid bitch."

In the audio clips, recorded in March, Mezger can be heard talking with his wife, Sandra. The two can be heard discussing the fact Griffin and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, called in a complaint about them.

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"It’s f**king crap," Sandra can be heard saying. "F**king crap. F-ing, f**king crap!"

Later, Jeffrey can be heard saying, "At 10:30, you can play whatever music you want ... You can do whatever you want at 10:30."

To which Sandra replies, "We're allowed to listen to whatever the f**k we want!"

Griffin's legal team is also using as evidence the unedited video of the infamous Mezger rant from September 16, 2017 where he called Kathy a "bald dyke" and a "c***." In doing so, Griffin's team hopes to dispel the notion that the tape was edited, as KB Home alleged in their statement when the incident was first made public.

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It's worth noting — between the time when the May video was shot and the September video, Griffin spent over $15,000 to have 12 large Ficus trees put up on her property to help block out the noise Griffin claims was always coming from Mezger's property.

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Kathy Griffin Trees
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Griffin and Mezger filed restraining orders against one another and will argue their case in court on Tuesday.

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