Trey Songz Sued For 2018 NYE Assault By Florida Woman

Trey Songz Settles $25 Million Lawsuit For Alleged Rape

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 12, 2024 at 7:00 AM EDT

Trey Songz's alleged sexual assault drama is finally over as the infamous $25 million case concludes with a settlement.

The big news was recently unveiled in legal documents obtained by The Blast, showing that the "Say Aah" singer and the plaintiff, Jane Doe, have sorted out their differences outside the courtroom.

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Trey Songz Ends Alleged Rape Lawsuit With A Conditional Settlement

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The documents filed on April 10 revealed the parties had reached a conditional settlement, but the terms of their agreement are unclear. Nonetheless, these conditions will indicate whether or not the lawsuit is dismissed.

"The settlement agreement conditions dismissal of this matter on the satisfactory completion of specified terms that are not to be performed within 45 days of the date of the settlement," the filing explained.

If the settlement conditions have been met, a request for dismissal of the case can be filed no later than June 10, 2024. Additionally, Trey Songz and the plaintiff may return to court on April 12 for a post-mediation status conference at 8:30 a.m.

The singer's legal drama began in 2022 when Doe accused him of sexually assaulting her at a party in 2016.

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Per Vulture, she first made the bombshell claims in a $20 million lawsuit; however, the case was dismissed because Songz's team argued that it was past the statute of limitations.

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Inside The $25 Million Lawsuit

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Following the dismissal of her first case, the accuser refiled her claims in a $25 million lawsuit in 2023. Both filings stressed that Songz allegedly assaulted her at a house party in March 2016.

The plaintiff claimed that she had a consensual sexual history with the "Bottoms Up" hitmaker and had expected to have another consensual encounter with him during a house party. However, the singer allegedly chose violence.

She alleged that Songz threw her to the ground and anally raped her as she screamed in pain and begged him to stop. After the alleged assault, Doe claimed that a concerned rideshare driver took her to a nearby hospital, where she received medical treatment and s-xual assault counseling.

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The Singer Allegedly Attacked Jane Doe Twice

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Doe revealed in her $25 million lawsuit that her alleged encounter with Songz didn't end at the house party. She claimed he attacked her a second time at a New Year's Eve Party, allegedly calling her a "sl-t" and a "liar" and getting security to kick her out.

She claimed that these alleged incidents forced her to move to another state; however, Songz continued to be a thorn in her side. She claimed that she was threatened by another musician who told her to "keep [Songz's] name out her f-cking mouth or he'd kill her."

In her second lawsuit, Doe named Songz's label, Atlantic Records; his manager, Kevin Liles; and Liles's label, 300 Entertainment, as defendants, blaming them for the singer's alleged behavior.

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Additionally, she cited all the sexual assault, sexual intimidation, and physical violence allegations that have been leveled against Songz in recent years.

The plaintiff's Attorney Addressed The Situation With A Powerful Statement

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Following the $25 million lawsuit, Jane Doe's attorney addressed the situation with a powerful statement against his client's alleged attacker. George Vrabeck claimed the case was more than what meets the eye, saying:

"This case is much more than about one singer and one viciously abused sexual assault survivor who has the courage to take action. It's also very much about the systematic sexual abuse in the music industry."

"And the music industry's complicity in silencing sexual abuse survivors. It's virtually impossible to believe that those executives are not and were not aware of the institutionalized sexual abuse," Vrabeck claimed.

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Two Women Accused Songz Of Violent Sexual Assault

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Following Jane Doe's shocking claims, two women came forward in October 2023 with severe sexual assault allegations against Songz.

They claimed they were violently attacked in the singer's home, where he hosted an after-party consisting of "twenty to thirty females" and only three males.

At some point, the women claimed, the environment "shifted ominously into anger and violence." They were allegedly forced to drink alcohol from "unsealed liquor" bottles or face "intense intimidation if they dared to decline."

"Despite consuming only a modest amount of alcohol, Plaintiffs felt an overwhelming and disproportionate sense of intoxication, as if their senses were being smothered, their cognition clouded, and their physical autonomy slipping away," the lawsuit claimed, noting that the women believed their drinks had been spiked with drugs.

As for the sexual assault claims, one plaintiff claimed she woke up naked with the Songz "engaging in non-consensual oral sex upon her." The other woman alleged that despite her attempts to fight back, the singer overpowered and assaulted her.

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