Madison Pettis smiles to the camera.

Former Disney Star Madison Pettis Shows Jaw-Dropping View Of Her Rear In Rihanna's Lingerie

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By Alisan Duran on April 12, 2024 at 6:30 PM EDT

Madison Pettis captivated attention by showcasing her allure in a delicate lingerie ensemble!

The former Disney actress, known for her roles in "Cory in the House" and "The Game Plan," exuded confidence as she donned a striking blue underwear set from Rihanna's Savage X Fenty collection. This ensemble left little to the imagination, as Madison effortlessly seduced the camera with her undeniable charm and elegance.

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Madison Pettis Is Melting Instagram In A Blue Lingerie Set

In the sizzling snapshots, Madison exuded undeniable allure as she flaunted a skimpy sheer bra adorned with intricate fishnet details. The garment, secured around her back, hugged her ample bust with a tantalizing fit. Delicate, stretchable straps gracefully draped over her shoulders, accentuating her sculpted arms with a subtle allure. Through the plunging neckline, her pert cleavage commanded attention, enhanced by the bra's supportive underwire design.

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Complementing the bra, Madison opted for matching panties crafted from the same transparent material, featuring a high-rise silhouette. Embracing her petite waist, the undergarment accentuated her curvaceous derriere and slender legs with undeniable allure. Completing the ensemble, she added a coordinating slip, its color, and fabric harmonizing seamlessly with the lingerie set. The slip, revealing the front of her body while leaving much to the imagination was adorned with intricately crossed strings that adorned her back, adding an extra touch of allure to the captivating look.

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Flaunting Them Killer Curves

Madison chose the cozy confines of her indoor living space as the backdrop for her captivating photoshoot. In the initial shot, she exuded allure while perched on a plush gray leather couch and positioned at a side angle. Seated on her legs, she gracefully ran her fingers through her curly locks with her right hand, casting a sultry glance over her shoulder directly at the camera, captivating viewers with her intense gaze.

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Transitioning to another striking pose, the former Disney luminary reclined on her stomach, supporting her upper body with her arms. With an elegant touch, she gently intertwined her fingers, delicately resting her chin upon her thumbs. Positioned sideways to the camera, Madison showcased most of her back, gracefully arching her spine while elegantly parting her legs, accentuating her enviable curves, particularly her pert derrière, with undeniable allure.

Throughout the shoot, Madison maintained her signature brunette locks cascading freely, elegantly parted to the side, adding to her captivating allure. Enhancing her ensemble, she accessorized with subtle yet stylish accents, including a pair of shimmering silver hoop earrings and a chic bangle, completing her effortlessly glamorous look.

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A Mesmerizing Display Of Skin

Madison, 25, described her ensemble as "The Blueprint," accompanied by a blue heart emoji, signifying her affection for the outfit's striking blue hue.

With a nod to her partnership with the lingerie brand, she proudly tagged the label in her post and highlighted her role as an ambassador, solidifying her status as a dedicated representative of the brand's ethos and style.

Looking 'Bluetiful'

The captivating images ignited an ecstatic flurry of reactions from Madison's devoted followers, who flooded her feed with an abundance of comments, likes, and a cascade of emojis, expressing their admiration and enthusiasm for her latest offering.

Drawing parallels with the iconic Sasha Banks, one user marveled at Madison's ensemble, likening it to "The Blueprint" and playfully coining the term "Bluetiful," encapsulating the sheer beauty of the outfit.

Another admirer couldn't help but shower Madison with praise, declaring her "incredibly gorgeous as always," reaffirming her status as a perpetual source of admiration.

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Getting More Compliments

Expressing delight at Madison's choice of attire in their favorite color, a third commenter expressed sheer delight, describing the sight as a dream come true.

In a testament to Madison's influence and allure, one fan cheekily suggested that Fenty, the lingerie brand, should reward her with a bonus for her role in bolstering their success, underscoring Madison's undeniable impact as a brand ambassador.

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