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Olivia Dunne Gives A Cheeky View In Her Tiny Bikini In Beach Gymnastics Video

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By Alisan Duran on April 11, 2024 at 8:30 AM EDT

Olivia Dunne experienced a mishap while attempting a back handspring, as captured in a video she shared on her TikTok account. The clip showcases the Louisiana State University gymnast showcasing her gymnastics prowess.

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Olivia Dunne Is Taking Gymnastics To The Beach

Fans are familiar with Dunne's exceptional skills in gymnastics, and executing a handspring is typically within her capabilities. However, there are moments when even the most skilled athletes encounter challenges.

In the video, Dunne is depicted standing on the sandy beach, positioned just a short distance from the shoreline. With her back to the camera, she stands with her feet planted perpendicular to each other and shoulder-width apart. The 21-year-old raises her arms, forming "C" shapes with her hands in preparation for the jump.

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A Cheeky Situation

Dunne initiated the handspring by bending both knees and folding forward, while simultaneously extending both arms straight behind her body. With a forceful swing of her arms forward and upward, she generated the necessary momentum to propel her legs high over her head in a fluid, controlled motion.

However, upon planting her hands on the ground, Dunne appeared to make a mistake, resulting in a face-first landing. Despite the mishap, the athlete seemed unharmed, quickly lifting her upper body and possibly laughing as she glanced to the side.

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Stunning In A Bikini

The blonde beauty looked absolutely stunning in a checkered two-piece swimsuit that effortlessly showcased her killer physique. Her pink-and-white ensemble featured a top resembling a bralette, snugly wrapping around her ample assets and rib cage, while the slender shoulder straps accentuated her toned arms.

Completing her beach-day look, Dunne wore matching bikini bottoms that accentuated her curvaceous hips and sculpted thighs with their sexy cut. The thick, curved waistband, falling low across her midsection, provided a full view of her taut tummy and chiseled abs. However, the most captivating aspect of the swimwear was undoubtedly its thong design, which boldly flaunted the gymnast's perky backside.

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Uploaded over the holiday season, Dunne aptly described the short clip as "the season of giving" in the caption, sharing a glimpse of her beach escapades with her audience.

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Fans React To The Video

Despite the back-handspring mishap, Dunne continued to entertain her audience. The footage garnered widespread attention, amassing millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Countless fans took the opportunity to shower Dunne with compliments and praise, while others expressed their admiration for the gymnast through a variety of emojis.

"Watching that stunt about twenty times and it's still an optical migraine. Legs and arms everywhere! But I love your bathing suit," one commenter humorously remarked.

"Don't give up you're doing great!" encouraged another supporter.

"Falling like I fell for you," quipped a third commenter.

"Omg, hilarious I was like no way she nails that in the sand lol," added another user, highlighting the humorous aspect of the situation.

Showing Off Her Insane Flexibility

Dunne has demonstrated her ability to execute flawless flips numerous times in the past, even mastering them on the beach. According to The Blast, she executed a flawless back handspring during one such occasion.

During the performance, Dunne looked stunning in a white bikini, ending the routine with impeccable form.

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