Jenelle Evans' Sister Shoots Down Reports That She's Blabbing About CPS

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By TheBlast Staff on May 14, 2019 at 5:16 AM EDT

Jenelle Evans' sister has kept her mouth shut for a long time regarding the controversial reality star, and she still hasn't changed her position, but she wants to make it known that she has not revealed any information regarding child protective services.

The Blast spoke with Ashleigh Evans Wilson, who got thrust into the ongoing controversy with the former "Teen Mom" star when a Facebook page, allegedly claiming to be Ashleigh, announced that 2-year-old Ensley was taken by CPS officials in North Carolina.

Ashleigh wants to clear up any misconceptions -- the page is fake and the reports are false. She says "fans" of "Teen Mom" have been trolling her for years on social media, constantly creating fake accounts and pretending to have information about the family drama.

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Ashleigh says the most recent controversy over the killing of Nugget the french bulldog, and subsequent investigation by CPS, is extremely private and is being dealt with by the family.

She stresses that "It's all about the children," and wants to get the word out that anything quoted or reported from the fake accounts is a bunch of crap. Ashleigh also said she has nothing to do with CPS, and is not involved in the ongoing investigation.

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Ashleigh, who was briefly featured on MTV during a "Teen Mom 2" special called "Being Barbara," centering around their mother Barbara Evans, has had a contentious relationship with her reality star sister.

In fact, the two barely speak. Jenelle also responded to the false reports, and wrote, "We all know damn well I don't talk to my sister," adding she has her "blocked."

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