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Paige VanZant In Cow-Print Bikini Proves 'Milk Does A Body Good'

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By Evie Scott on April 5, 2024 at 11:30 AM EDT

Paige VanZant was all cowgirl in her cow-print bikini as she showed off her sizzling figure in swimwear on Instagram and received plenty of fan love in January.

The former UFC star posted to her "exclusive" Instagram as she dropped a hot video for her followers, quickly gaining comments and even seeing one cheeky user tell her that "milk does a body good." Shimmying her hips around for an energetic dance from her fancy, minimalist bathroom, Paige reminded fans of her fierce curves and rock-hard muscles, but the vibe was fun as she injected text into the video.

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Paige VanZant Says 'Milk Does A Body Good'

Leaning forward toward the camera as she looked a little confused to begin with, Paige wrote: "But Paige, those pictures are going to be on the internet forever." Already wowing fans with her figure, the blonde had stripped down to a tiny monochrome two-piece in loud cow prints, with her cowboy hat big-time upping the Western vibes.

Rocking banded bottoms that drew plenty of attention to her abs and toned legs, Paige went kinda "oops" with her body language as she stepped back a little, then swinging into some moves. With her cleavage on show as she rocked a triangle bikini top to match her bottoms and even adding in suspenders, the bare knuckle boxer continued: "I know, I put them there."

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Switching to caps for extra effect, Paige concluded: "I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT." By this point, she was in full swing with her hip shaking as fans got a full view of her fit and curvy figure. Swishing her blonde locks around as she kept her light cowboy hat on, Paige dazzled fans with her good looks, even taking to her caption with the caps part repeated. "Thank you for sharing!" one fan replied. Another, meanwhile, told the wrestler that "milk does a body good." Fans also left Paige over 25,000 likes.

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Showing Plenty In Cheeky Swimsuit

Reminding fans that she's a nature lover in this outdoor photo, Paige posed back to the camera as she stood by a tree while showing off her buns of steel. Going thong-style in animal prints, the star stripped down to a red and black swimsuit in racy leopard prints, flaunting her built thighs and muscular back as she also flashed major sideboob. Wearing her blonde locks scraped back as she just about showed her face, Paige wrote: "Lost in my thoughts."

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Do This To Look Like Her

Paige has made headlines for saying that being in the UFC gave her an eating disorder, although she is now recovered.

"To stay fit and lose weight you have to make sure you eat enough food," she told Eat This, Not That. "If I don't eat enough it has the opposite effect on my body. I'm literally always hungry and always eating something healthy to fuel my body."

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