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Kate Upton In Plunging Home Undies Is World's 'Hottest Woman'

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By Evie Scott on April 5, 2024 at 9:30 AM EDT

Kate Upton didn't take long to rake in the fan love as she updated her Instagram in a plunging undies look in October 2021. The model was all about "cozy season" as she welcomed fall in a skimpy look, posing from her stylish home and gazing out through large windows as she offered fans a reminder of her world-famous figure.

Sizzling in a brown bra and briefs as she slipped into her influencer shoes, Kate shouted out a brand while earning herself some cash, although her fans don't seem to care whether her photos are promotional in nature or not. Upton, 31, was even dubbed the world's "hottest woman" by one adoring follower.

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Kate Upton Is Stunning In Undies For 'Cozy Season'

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Posing in a space between her chic couch and large, first-floor windows, Kate folded one leg a little while highlighting her jaw-dropping figure in a supportive, stretchy soft bra with a cupped design and brown fabrics. Pops of cream around the bust band were echoed by a matching pair of briefs, ones showcasing the Sports Illustrated star's toned tummy and curvy hips, and fans also got a reminder of her mile-long legs.

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Placing one hand to her thigh and looking peaceful and confident at once, Kate looked out onto her backyard, telling fans: "Cozy season is here! I’m feelin’ extra comfy (and sexy!) thanks to @yamamayofficial." The mom of one abided by Instagram's promotional rules, adding a #ad to her caption. "Been a long time since I've seen your image! Still looking forever infallible! Almost flawless if you will!" one fan replied. Another called the blonde the world's "hottest woman" as they joined others in sending her love.

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Confidence Issues In Her Bikini

With her blonde bombshell vibe and pin-up image, Kate exudes confidence, however she's revealed that not everything is as it seems. “I’m still not confident in a bathing suit!" Kate told Yahoo in 2017. “That’s why you eat healthy and work out, to feel your best. You always have struggles. It’s not like I always feel my best. Everybody has moments where they don’t feel confident in a bikini. It’s what we’re striving for: self-love. We work our way up. When I don’t feel my best, that’s OK.”

Fans, however, saw nothing of Kate's inner insecurities in this stunning shot as she showed her legs for days while posing in very shallow waters and modeling a tight blue bathing suit. The image was shared to Kate's IG in March 2022.

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Keeping That Body In Shape

Of her wellness approach, Kate revealed that it's a mix of taking it easy and putting in the effort.

"I try to eat healthy and work out and keep up a healthy lifestyle. But if I want a treat, I allow myself that freedom," she continued, adding that she weight trains, but that "I enjoy my food."

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