Diddy's Homes Reportedly Fitted With Hidden Cameras In Every Room

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 28, 2024 at 2:15 PM EDT
Updated on March 28, 2024 at 2:19 PM EDT

The spotlight has intensified on Sean 'Diddy' Combs' alleged secretive "freak-off" parties following raids on the music mogul's properties earlier this week. 

The rapper has been accused of fitting his home with multiple hidden cameras and then using the footage to allegedly blackmail party attendees.

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Diddy Allegedly Has 'Compromising' Videos Of His Party Guests

Diddy at the BET Awards 2022

According to court documents filed by Diddy's former employee, Rodney' Lil Rod' Jones, the rapper purportedly installed multiple hidden cameras in his properties located in Los Angeles and on Star Island. 

Those cameras supposedly captured alleged disturbing footage of his guests including "celebrities, athletes, politicians, international dignitaries, and music label executives." 

Jones claimed in the suit that these parties were sponsored by major players in the recording industry, giving them access to "s-x, drugs and underage girls." The civil complaint asserted:

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"Mr. Combs had hidden cameras in every room of his home... has recordings of several celebrities, artists, music label executives, and athletes engaging in illegal activity. Mr. Combs possesses compromising footage of every person who has attended his freak-off parties and his house parties."

The producer further alleges that Diddy has salacious tapes of Hollywood's biggest names, record CEOs, and politicians doing drugs and cavorting with prostitutes and minors. 

As far as he knew, the parties were a "business model" that gave upcoming artists a chance to climb up the career ladder by giving them access to music executives.

Jones also shared that beyond sponsoring these parties, music executives had the habit of handing the Bad Boy Records founder "large wads of cash." 

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The story is still unfolding...!

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What Conspiracy Theories Do Fans Have?

Since a clip of a news reporter reading out snippets of the lawsuit was shared via TikTok, onlookers were quick to publish their opinions in the comments. 

One person noted, "This hidden camera thing is huge, and they gone get caught," and another declared, "I know the compromising videos of the most powerful people are somehow gonna be lost or accidentally deleted."

"Disgusting and scary. So he has footage of everyone who's been at his home," a third person expressed, as a third concluded, "You can't take out Diddy this easy.. he's something bigger than what we think he is. He has a lot of tapes of our favorite celebrities most likely."

Similarly, another social media user added, "The evidence is going to go missing or get damaged," and yet another alleged:

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"They went to destroy all the evidence, we will know the names of some but never the ones from the big fishes that have the most power in this industry."

Were Diddy's Sons Really Arrested?

Diddy and his kids at The Recording Academy And Clive Davis' 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala

The laser focus on Diddy intensified after federal officials executed search warrants at his Los Angeles and Miami properties on Monday. The raids were done as part of a federal investigation against him regarding allegations of sexual assault and trafficking. 

During the raid on the music mogul's Los Angeles residence, aerial footage appeared to show two of his sons, Justin and King, being led out of the property in handcuffs. 

However, in a statement denouncing the "military-level force" of Homeland Security's operation, Diddy's legal team emphasized that the two were not officially detained. Meanwhile, the federal agency issued a statement pertaining to the raid, which read:

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"Earlier today, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation, with assistance from HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and our local law enforcement partners. We will provide further information as it becomes available."

Here Is What Usher Remembers From His Time At Diddy's House

Superstar Usher Walks the Blue Carpet at LA Dodgers Foundation Gala

Amid the ongoing controversy, an old interview clip of Usher reflecting on his time living with Diddy at age 14 resurfaced online.

Per The Blast, the "Confessions" hitmaker claimed that it was LA Reid's suggestion for him to live with the R&B singer in Scarsdale to experience "the lifestyle." 

When asked whether Diddy's residence was filled with continuous partying and women, the singer responded, "Not really… I got a chance to see some things. I don't know if I could indulge and even understand what I was looking at." 

He further elaborated, "It was pretty wild. It was crazy. There were very curious things taking place, and I didn't necessarily understand it."

When questioned about sending his children to "Puffy Flavor Camp," Usher bluntly replied, "H— no!"

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Justin Bieber Also Had His Own Diddy Experience

Justin Bieber seen getting breakfast at Great White

Another clip that resurfaced on social media was one of Diddy alongside a teenage Bieber. In the footage, the "I'll Be Missing You" performer said he was treating the then-15-year-old Bieber to a "48 hours with Diddy" experience.  

In the rapper's words, "Right now, he's having 48 hours with Diddy. Where we're hanging out and what we're doing, we can't really disclose, but it's definitely a 15-year-old's dream. For the next 48 hours, he's with me. And we're gonna go full. Buck full crazy." 

Diddy also disclosed that he and the nervous looking Bieber connected through Usher, who signed the latter and aided his music career. The throwback reel was posted to X with the caption:

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"This is the video of 40 year old P Diddy bragging how he was a mentor to Usher and now wants a 48 hours sleepover with Justin Bieber."

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