'All That' Alum Angelique Bates Recalls Dan Schneider Abuse Incident

Angelique Bates Reveals She Was Spit On And Verbally Assaulted On The Set Of 'All That'

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on March 27, 2024 at 10:16 AM EDT
Updated on March 30, 2024 at 12:12 PM EDT

Former 'All That' actress Angelique Bates is speaking out regarding her experience at Nickelodeon, including the abuse she endured at the hands of Dan Schneider.

While Mrs. Bates was not part of the 'Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV', she spoke to The Blast to tell her story and her experience when working with the network, including one time when the former Nickelodeon producer screamed at her in front of the entire staff.

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'All That' Alum Speaks Out

Angelique Bates Slams Dan Schneider For His Apology
Instagram | Angelique Bates

As the 'All That' cast was getting ready to film a "one-take scene" Angelique Bates found herself in a confrontational situation with the Nickelodeon staff, which resulted in Dan Schneider screaming at her, while the microphones were still on.

"We ran the scene first because it was supposed to be a one-take scene due to the mess that was going to be made," she exclusively told The Blast. "During rehearsal, one of the cast members [whom] I was already having issues with, thought it would be hilarious to throw the milk partially on me despite it not being in the script."

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The staff member, whom Mrs. Bates did not name, was not reprimanded and instead production laughed. "Because nothing was done, when it was time to film another cast member thought it would be even more hilarious to directly spit the milk in my face despite it not being in the script," she recalled.

As retaliation, the former 'All That' actress admits she "picked my milk up and threw it in their face," but after she did that, Schneider, "who was one of the ones who laughed" at the incident, "completely lost it on set."

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Dan Schneider Screamed At 'All That' Actress On Set

"He proceeded to yell at me and yell all kinds of obscenities that was heard all over the Nickelodeon studio and building because the microphones were still on," she told us, adding, "So, if you were in the dressing rooms, offices, hallways, on any of the floors, etc. you heard it over the intercoms and televisions."

Mrs. Bates ran out of the studio and was told to go to her dressing room because the guest director "was going to handle it" since he "heard everything."

While she does not know the details, she was told there was a discussion and "Schneider was taken upstairs to be shown the tapes of what happened."

"The guest director came to my dressing room to see if I was okay and said it had been taken care of," she recalled, "And shortly after that, Schneider came and apologized to me."

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Angelique Bates Recalls How Nickelodeon Handled The Incident

'All That' Alum Angelique Bates Recalls Dan Schneider Abuse Incident
Instagram | Angelique Bates

Following the incident, Mrs. Bates says that she had a birthday coming up and so she was asked "to make a list of what I wanted." She "got everything but Denzel Washington."

"But I got Da Brat instead, who was my one of my all-time favorites," she told us. "The next week we had different guest director." She says a new scene was written by production, who seemingly retaliated against only one cast member as they "repeatedly had water being spat in [their face]."

"My mother walked out on set and told them that was enough and not to do anything in my honor," however, she says production "didn't like" that.

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Neither milk incident made it to air, obviously, but Mrs. Bates clarified the cast member who spit it out immediately apologized and spent years apologizing and trying to make it up. The individual, who was later identified as Katrina Johnson, has been there for Mrs. Bates through many ups and downs including when Mrs. Bates unfortunately became homeless. Mrs. Bates clarified that cast member was one of the very few who helped.

The other cast member who threw the milk has never apologized for anything.

Angelique Bates Recalls Verbal and Emotional Abuse

While some outlets have reported that Mrs. Bates was verbally, emotionally, and physically abused at the hands of her mother and that Nickelodeon producers didn’t do anything about it, she says that information is wrong.

"I never said my mother verbally and emotionally abused during production," she told The Blast exclusively, "It was Nickelodeon that verbally and emotionally abused me."

"There's a long list of people who need to apologize to me, but Nickelodeon has never personally commented on the abuse from what I am aware of," she added, "And there haven't been any apologies from them either."

"But the same way Nickelodeon publicly attempted to blackball and silence me, that's the same way they need to apologize...publicly," she stated.

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Angelique Bates Thanks Her Supporters

'All That' Alum Angelique Bates Recalls Dan Schneider Abuse Incident
Instagram | Angelique Bates

Over the years, the former 'All That' actress has received support from many of her fans. "I would love to say thank you for believing me when others didn't and for rocking with me all of these years," she told us, "Thank you for being my voice when others turned a blind eye and attempted to silence me as well."

She continued, "And with stories unfolding every day, please do not lose focus about what this is truly about, and don't allow the lines to get blurred. Make sure to do your research at all times."

Angelique Bates says Nickelodeon nor Dan Schneider have attempted to reach out since the documentary was released.

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