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Golfer Grace Charis In Tiny Crop Top Says 'Tap It In'

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By Kristin Myers on March 29, 2024 at 7:00 AM EDT

Golfer Grace Charis is an OnlyFans model who took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Since that time, she has accumulated more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram who love to watch her golf in a braless crop top!

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Grace Charis Is Going For A Ride In Her Tiny Crop Top!

Although Grace does share a lot of videos on her page, she also shares a few still shots. In one Instagram post, she began her carousel with a shot of her posing on a golf cart in a pink crop top with a plunging neckline and black slacks.

“Tap it in,” she wrote in the caption, referring to the last slide of her putting on the green. However, fans couldn’t help but notice the nippy display that she was putting on in the last slide. “You make my putter flutter,” one fan commented. “Beautiful,” another follower wrote. “My ultimate crush!” a third fan exclaimed.

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Grace Is Out To Golf!

In a video simply captioned “Golf,” Grace showed off her assets in a tiny blue crop top, making it clear she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the thin material. She paired the outfit with white slacks, a white visor, and white sneakers.

The video featured Grace twirling her golf club, swinging the ball as hard as she could, and throwing the ball up into the air and trying to catch it with one hand. “Wow! What a swing, Grace! You’re on fire!” one fan commented. “Lovely lady. Have an amazing day,” another follower wrote. “Do you ever work or just play golf with a cute top on?” a third fan asked, but as expected, Grace did not reply.

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Grace Charis Tries Her Hand At 'Jungle Golf'

In another pinned post, Grace showed off some scenery while snapping a selfie at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club. She wore a red crop top for this trip along with a white skirt. She had a string of pearls around her neck, which she complimented with dangling earrings. “Jungle golf is pretty epic,” she wrote in the caption.

“Try the Japanese-managed Golf Course at the former US Naval Base in Subic Bay, Philippines,” one fan commented. “Not quite what we wanted to fall out,” another follower joked, referring to one of the later slides on the carousel. “What did you shoot?” a third fan asked but Grace did not reply to the comment.

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Grace Has Over 1 Million Subscribers On YouTube

Grace wore a pink and white patterned jumper to celebrate one million subscribers on YouTube earlier this month. She had two silver balloons behind her to celebrate the achievement, as well as champagne and confetti. “1M subs on YouTube,” she wrote in the caption along with a celebratory emoji.

“That’s great! BTW, I love what you are wearing!!!” one fan commented. “Keep rocking gurl!!! Love you!!” another follower exclaimed. “Girl you are so [four fire emojis],” a third fan chimed in. “I can’t see them today,” another follower joked, referring to her nippy display. Other fans offered her congratulations on her latest accomplishment.

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Fans Can't Get Enough Of Grace Charis!

A few months ago, fans woke up to find that all of Grace's posts had been wiped from Instagram except her pinned posts. The next day, her pinned posts were left as well, leaving an empty page behind. Although she has still not confirmed whether her account was hacked or if she decided to reboot her page, fans are just happy to see that she has decided to keep posting her golfing videos on Instagram for all to enjoy.

Interested in more Grace Charis content? Fans can't get enough of the popular golf star! In another Instagram post, the social media sensation put her fit figure on display in a yellow bikini in the Bahamas! Fans can check out that sultry display by clicking here!

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