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Former Disney Star Madison Pettis Shows Off Her Abs In Tiny Green Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on March 27, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT

Madison Pettis turned heads and captured the attention of her social media fans as she showcased her stunning physique in a tiny green bikini!

The ex-Disney luminary, known for her role in the acclaimed show "Cory in the House," graced Instagram with a set of captivating photos, sparking excitement among her followers with her alluring beach ensemble. In each image, Pettis exuded poise and sophistication, solidifying her position as a formidable presence in the realms of entertainment and style.

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Flaunting Them Assets

The 25-year-old was poised to captivate the hearts of her fans as she confidently posed in her revealing ensemble.

In the sultry photoshoot, Pettis looked more stunning than ever in a diminutive printed bikini. Her scanty top featured delicate straps that she tied securely behind her neck and around her midsection, accentuating her ample d├ęcolletage with its plunging neckline while also highlighting her toned arms and shoulders. The strategically placed cut-outs provided a tantalizing glimpse of underboob, drawing attention to the alluring O-ring detail positioned between the cups, which further accentuated her curves.

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Below, the coordinating bikini bottoms boasted similar O-rings attached to the side straps, elongating her silhouette as they hugged her hips. The snug fit of the swimwear accentuated her slender waist and emphasized her well-defined thighs while showcasing Pettis' sculpted abs and taut tummy in the process. Completing the ensemble, she accessorized with oversized gold hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and a chic bangle, adding an extra touch of glamour to her beach-ready look.

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Oozing With Confidence

The series of photos captured Pettis confidently posing on the patio. In the initial slide, she gracefully parted her legs while adjusting her sarong to match her bikini, tilting her head slightly and casting a captivating gaze into the camera lens.

In the subsequent image, the "He's All That" actress was depicted standing with one leg crossed over the other, exuding poise as she leaned to the side, accentuating her curves. With her thumbs tucked between her cover-up and thong, she effortlessly commanded attention with her alluring presence.

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Got Them Fans 'Seeing Green'

Pettis lifted her arms, one hand gracefully resting on her head as she cast a sultry glance to the side with parted lips, exuding irresistible allure.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Pettis simply wrote, "Seeing green," adding a touch of intrigue to the captivating shot.

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Fans Praise Madison Pettis

Pettis' post sparked a flurry of reactions from her followers, amassing an impressive number of likes and comments. Many took the opportunity to shower her with compliments on her beauty and bikini-clad physique.

Commenters praised her, with one expressing, "She's absolutely stunning, she knows she's perfection!!!"

Another admirer remarked, "An incredibly beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, stunning, hot young woman," while a third commenter wrote, "You're stunning, Madison! You were my crush during my childhood!"

A fourth person chimed in, "Showing off like The Rock's daughter!!" This reference harks back to Pettis' portrayal of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character's daughter in the 2007 movie "The Game Plan," showcasing her enduring impact and charisma onscreen.

How It All Started

Pettis has always possessed a natural ease in front of the camera, a skill honed from her early days participating in photoshoots. Reflecting on her beginnings in the industry, she shared in a previous interview with LEFAIR Magazine, "I grew up in Arlington, Texas, and started dancing at the age of four. Being comfortable on stage came naturally to me."

Recalling the pivotal moment that jumpstarted her career, she recounted, "My opportunity to enter the industry arose during a visit to the Arlington Mall with my mom. A parenting magazine was hosting a contest, capturing Polaroid snapshots of kids with balloons for a chance to grace the cover. Months later, I received the exciting news that I had been selected."

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