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More Women Have Been Punched On The Streets Of NYC!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 26, 2024 at 6:36 PM EDT

After multiple women shared their stories on TikTok about being randomly punched in the face while walking on the streets of New York City, even more are coming forward to tell similar stories.

If you scroll on TikTok for even just a few minutes, chances are you'll see one of the women telling their story, because there are that many now!

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Women Are Getting Punched In The Face In NYC

Kendall on TikTok
TikTok | kendalllllllll888

Something concerning is happening on the streets of New York City and randomly being punched is probably not your first thought. However, women who are just walking down the street are getting punched in the face by unknown men! And it's not just one or two women who have experienced this; more and more are taking to TikTok to share their stories.

While some of the stories are coming from content creators and influencers who have tons and tons of followers on the app, some of the women don't post often or have a lot of followers. One of these women is Kendall, who has only posted on the app five times before her video talking about being punched in the face.

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"So I have fallen victim to the men in New York City lifting an elbow or trying to punch innocent girls on the street," she said as she held a bag of ice on the bump on her head. "Except, I wasn't on my phone. I was with my coworkers walking in Times Square. So, be safe out there."

In just four hours, Kendall's video has received more than 554,000 views and thousands of comments.

"8th video I've seen in 24 hours," one viewer wrote. Another added, "I’m not kidding this is the 10th video I have seen since yesterday."

See video here.

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Another Woman Also Shared A Video Earlier Today

Another TikToker who has only posted a few videos on her page also shared her story in a recent video. She started off by explaining that she's shaking and doesn't usually share her personal life on social media.

"Too many videos have been made about what's going on for me not to speak out," she said. "I was punched in the head in New York City on Saturday, March 23 in Times Square."

The TikToker who goes by @malous228, continued to explain that she was walking out of the Times Square train station when a "random man" went up to her and punched her in the head. She explained that while she's not as hurt as some of the other women who were randomly punched, she's sore and said it was a "traumatic experience."

She was able to get a video of the man walking away and did file a police report.

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One viewer of her video commented that this man fits the description from one of the other women who were punched. Many others commented about the amount of videos they've seen from other women who were punched.

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Another Woman Stitched A Video To Share Her Story

Another woman who barely posts on TikTok shared a stitched video to tell her story about being punched.

"I'm so sorry to this girl, because the same thing literally happened to me, I wanna say like, a week and a half ago," she said. "I wasn't punched in the face, but regardless, I was punched. And I feel like if I hadn't moved out of the way, I might have been punched in the face."

The TikToker, Iris Dayanna, explained that she was walking home from work but decided to go hang out with a friend instead. It was on her way home from her friend's house that a man approached her yelling before jumping towards her.

"That's when I like moved out of the way, and he ended up punching me really, really hard in this area (her shoulder). And I just, like the girl that I'm stitching right now, I was so shocked that he tried something like that that I just started speed walking," she said. "It just didn't register until I was like two blocks away."

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This Disturbing Trend Is Opening Up Conversations About Safety And Being Alert

Note My Objection on TikTok
TikTok | Note My Objection

Many TikTok creators are using this disturbing news to start important discussions about being alert and knowing your surroundings. Some are also pleading for the women who get punched to report it to the police no matter what the outcome could be.

TikToker, @NoteMyObjection, shared her frustration over women getting punched in NYC in a video.

"All the girls who get punched in the face in New York, you should call the police. I don't really care what people on the internet say, or the police don't do anything," she said. "I think it's important to remember that even if the police weren't able to prove a case for you, it creates a record. It creates a pattern."

She also shared her frustration about not hearing about more bystanders helping out.

"People need to intervene," she said. She also reminded people to not be looking down at their phone while walking, and also said if you're wearing headphones, only in one ear so you can hear your surroundings.

"Situational awareness is key. I’m born and raised in Queens- my head is up and on a swivel at all times on the subway and walking," one viewer shared in the comments. Another added, "Unless they file a police report, the law can’t apply in future acts of violence. You owe it to ALL women to report acts of violence. Also protect each other ladies."

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There's Also An Active Conversation Over On Yahoo!

After reporting the disturbing experiences some women are having in New York City earlier today, many readers - especially on Yahoo - have shared their thoughts. Our first article on the subject has already garnered over 3.4k comments on the platform in the 8 hours it's been live!

Some feel that "proactive bystanders" stepping in to help needs to be more encouraged.

"Actually, what we need to do is encourage proactive bystanders," one person shared.

Another reader pointed out that this is a "crime against women."

"No men have reported any similar assaults. Obviously, the aggressors have no qualms about doing it in public, randomly and it is unlikely they will stop if there aren’t repercussions and arrests," they wrote.

Some readers want to know why some of the women didn't share a description of the man.

"Sorry for what happened, but no description of the person who hit them, what race how old did they seem as well as any other info that could be helpful to police! These people could have killed someone with that punch by causing a skull fracture, I hope she does a follow up with doctors until all symptoms are gone and they find these people and make them pay!" one reader wrote.

Another added a similar thought, "NYC at its best. Interesting no descriptions of the suspects. Why is that?"

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