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Heidi Klum's Teen Daughter Told She Looks 'Malnourished' In Bikini

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By Evie Scott on March 26, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT

Heidi Klum's teenage daughter Leni Klum sparked concern as she bravely showed off her sunburn while enjoying a bikini-clad sunbathe on Instagram. In a photo reposted to a fan feed on the platform, the 19-year-old was met with comments suggesting that she's too skinny, even seeing one fan call her "malnourished." Leni, who fronts Intimissi lingerie with 50-year-old mom Heidi, is known for her curves. She is, however, seemingly also just as slender as her famous mother. For fans, this photo was too worrying, though.

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Told She's Too Thin In Bikini Photo

Scroll for the snap. Taking a selfie from a cushioned lounger as she enjoyed a peaceful wooden deck, Leni posed with an iced coffee on the ground next to her, also looking right at the camera.

Showing off her sensational cleavage and tiny waist, the Dior Beauty ambassador sizzled in a very cut-out bikini in brown, going for an eye-popping neckline and stringy ties holding the ribbed two-piece together.

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Showing visible redness from her sunburn, Leni went makeup-free in her strapless swimwear, flaunting her gorgeous good looks and blue eyes as she wore her dark hair down. Fans also saw her triple piercings in one ear.

The comments did send Leni love, but many users expressed concern over the rising star's slender frame. "Two golden tips. 1. Use sunblock UVA UVB 50 every two hours. 2. Eat some more. You look malnourished," one user said. Seemingly also worried, another asked: "How many kilos does she weigh?"

"Pretty thin... and unfortunately also pretty red! Sunburn should be completely avoided, don't forget the skin!" a third chimed in.

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Mom Sends Her Groceries

Leni has opened up a little about food, although not in the usual celebrity diet way. It looks like mom Heidi is extra caring, and even sends her daughter groceries to keep her going in college. "She loves to send us groceries. I got an alert the other day, and I looked outside the door. There were 25 big bags of groceries," Leni has shared. Noting that the deliveries "freaked" her roommate out, she continued: "We started meal prepping everything. It almost didn't fit in the fridge."

Of being away from her mom, Leni added: "I feel I'm all grown up now, and I can live on my own. I'm not technically on my own because I have a roommate, but I get that it's hard for her."

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Those Lingerie Campaigns

Leni and Heidi always manage to stir up controversy with their Intimissi promos, with some fans feeling that the mother-and-daughter duo in their undies isn't appropriate. The backlash hasn't stopped the duo from continuing their double act, though, and chances are, the paycheck is pretty high. Leni has also modeled for brands including Karl Lagerfeld and Replay, promoting both on her Instagram. The star is followed by 1.9 million on the platform.

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