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How Kelly Ripa Achieves 14% Body Fat And Looks Like This

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By Evie Scott on March 25, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT

Kelly Ripa made headlines earlier this year as trainer Anna Kaiser let drop the 52-year-old's body fat percentage. In an Instagram post that included a reminder of Kelly's jaw-dropping abs, Anna found herself challenged as a fan assumed that Kelly had around 8% body fat, although Anna set the record straight. It's 14%.

Kelly, who trained as a ballerina, continues to turn heads with her insanely toned figure in her fifties, and now fans know exactly what goes behind achieving that physique.

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Shredded Abs And 14% Body Fat

Smiling as Anna took the selfie, Kelly flaunted her six-pack abs in a skimpy black bralette worn with an open jacket and printed leggings. Showing that she's sheer muscle, the mom of three quickly had fans discussing her gym-honed frame, although Kelly is, herself, happy to discuss her diet and exercise.

“I was talking to a cardiologist and he said to make sure your heart beats out of your chest every day. The more you exercise, the healthier it is. And I can be honest: My body looks like Peter Pan no matter what I do,” she told The Cut in 2019. “I’ve never been a va-va-voom woman. I like to take AKT — which is a cardio-based dance class — about four to five days a week between 3 and 5 p.m. And I like to do SoulCycle on the weekends."

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'Bullet Coffee' And Starbucks

Kelly doesn't live off caffeine alone, but she makes sure to stay buzzing with a couple of kicks.

"I make a “Bullet Coffee” at home in the morning — it’s coffee, two shots of espresso a tablespoon of ghee, and then a packet of collagen powder. Ryan’s girlfriend got me hooked on it and I just sort of believe that if I drink it every day, my hair will be as thick as hers. Then I blend it all together and have this frosty thick beverage. I have a Starbucks latte when I get to Live," she continued. Kelly has been hosting the popular morning series since 2001.

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Avocado On Toast

Kelly might have fans wondering if she consumes any fats at all, but the blonde makes sure to keep her diet healthy and balanced. She's even a fan of avocado on toast, something she's revealed really kicked off for her in 2015-2017.

"Sometimes, I would fry an egg and add that on top. Sometimes, a piece of cheese would accompany the avocado toast. But the avocado toast was a real staple of my diet," she told Harper's Bazaar, here mentioning yet more proteins that likely help keep those muscles in tip-top form.

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Couples Who Train Together...

Fans loved this Instagram snap of Kelly goofing around with cohost husband Mark Consuelos as she sat on top of him on set and delivered an unusual take on couples yoga. Kelly Ripa and Mark married in 1996 and now get to spend every day together at work!

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