Kyle Richards Teases Husband Mauricio Umansky About His Weight Loss Amid Separation: 'Must Be Ozempic'

Mauricio Umansky Thinks Kyle Richards' Bond With Morgan Wade Helps Their Separation

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 22, 2024 at 2:45 PM EDT

Mauricio Umansky has spoken about his ex-wife Kyle Richards' close relationship with Morgan Wade, emphasizing how it has positively influenced their separation process.

The revelation comes amidst recent accusations of the couple prolonging their separation for the sake of reality television drama. 

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Mauricio Umansky Speaks On Kyle Richards' Connection With Morgan Wade Amid Separation 

Kyle Richards Teases Husband Mauricio Umansky About His Weight Loss Amid Separation: 'Must Be Ozempic'

While some might view his stance as unconventional, Umansky seems to be in support of Richards' bond with Wade without adding pressure.

In the latest season of Netflix's hit show "Buying Beverly Hills," the businessman revealed his acceptance of their bond during a heart-to-heart with a coworker, admitting, 

"They definitely have some sort of a connection together; there's no question about that. They spend a lot of time together." 

His remarks suggested that, although he was unaware of Richards and Wade's dynamic, the father-of-three was willing to refrain from prying. 

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Per Page Six, Umansky showcased his understanding, emphasizing, "Maybe one of the reasons I don't want to ask is because I don't want to put the extra pressure on her. If it's working for her and it's giving her the opportunity to be dealing with our separation … I'm good with that." 

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Inside Kyle Richards And Morgan Wade's Denial Amid Speculation

Kyle Richards and rumored lover Morgan Wade enjoy pre-Valentine's Day lunch in Los Angeles

Despite Umansky's acceptance of the pair's ambiguous relationship, Richards and Wade have continued to deny the persistent speculations surrounding them. 

It also did not help their case after a picture that surfaced showed Wade seemingly affectionate towards the 55-year-old by caressing her rear end. Richards also added another layer of complexity when she unveiled a cowgirl hat tattoo, which was interpreted as a tribute to Wade. 

Amidst the swirling rumors, a source disclosed that the Reality TV star is "confused" and reportedly "excited to have these feelings after losing connection with Mauricio in their marriage." The insider further added:

"She really cares about Morgan and there is a strong connection."

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What Kyle Richards Said About Her On-screen Kiss With Morgan Wade

Kyle Richards Confirms She Would Date A Woman Amid Morgan Wade Romance Rumors

Umansky's recent reflections come on the heels of Richards speaking about her bond with the country singer.

In a previous sneak peek of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," the mother-of-four finally shed light on the reason behind her collaboration with the "Wilder Days" singer. 

Prompted by host Andy Cohen, Richards first dismissed any suggested notion of exploitation by asserting Wade's independent success in the music industry. 

She then moved on to the controversial on-screen kiss and admitted feeling nervous and apprehensive about the encounter. 

In her own words, "I never actually kissed anybody on camera — let alone a woman — or off camera. So I was very nervous and anxious, but if I'm being honest with myself, I was obviously curious in order to say yes."

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Speculation Mounts Over Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky's Separation 

Kyle Richards at Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Celebration

Amidst the whirlwind of recent drama, conspiracies have emerged, suggesting a calculated motive behind Richards and Umansky's publicized relationship struggles.

While such moves are not uncommon in the realm of reality television, insiders close to the situation have raised eyebrows at the possibility of the former couple leveraging their personal turmoil for professional gain.

However, it appears that the idea has been accepted by those within Richards and Umansky's inner circle. The consensus is that as long as the TV personalities are comfortable with the arrangement, then the calculated move is necessary, especially in the competitive landscape of reality television.

Ultimately, the enduring bond between the stars, forged through years of experiences and love for their children, is anticipated to keep them from turning from each other. 

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Umansky And Richards' Marital Struggles Take Center Stage In Upcoming Series

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards attend E! People's Choice Awards in Santa Monica

There has also been no public condemnation or scrutiny of the pair. Adding fuel to the speculation fire is the new season of Umansky's reality series, "Buying Beverly Hills," which is set to spotlight the couple's separation as an important storyline. 

The portrayal of their marital woes in Netflix's trailer for the show's second season only served to amplify the noise surrounding the truthful nature of their on-screen relationship.

Furthermore, insiders close to the couple reportedly disclosed that there was no immediate rush to hasten the divorce process. They pointed out that the couple has the financial security and ability to maintain multiple residences should tensions escalate. 

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