Kanye West Allegedly 'Convinced' Wife Bianca Censori 'That They Are Royal' & 'Instructs' Her To 'Never Speak'

Kanye West Fans Wonder Why His Wife Is More 'Clothed In Bed Than In Public'

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By Favour Adegoke on March 22, 2024 at 11:45 AM EDT

Fans are intrigued by Bianca Censori's latest in-bed clip, shared by her husband, Kanye West.

In the clip, the Australian architect is seen lying on a super king-sized bed, fully clothed in a white net-like outfit. Shortly after the post was made, comments flooded in, some of which questioned why she tends to be more clothed in bed than in public.

It comes after Censori was visited by her mother earlier in the month, who wanted to see for herself if the architect is in control of her life.

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Kanye West Leaves Fans Confused With Video Of His Wife Bianca Censori In Bed

In recent months, Censori has repeatedly made headlines for her explicit fashion choices during public outings with West. Many of these outfits have left her bottom bare, revealed much of her bosom, or simply shown more skin than is typically expected of such outdoor events.

Given this trend of fashion statements, West's gesture of posting a clip of Censori in bed fully clothed has intrigued fans.

The rapper shared the clip on his Instagram page and added a bit of mystery to it by writing no caption for the post.

One fan quickly commented, "Why's she got more clothes on in bed than when she goes outside?" to which another fan responded, "Honestly, it doesn't make sense."

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Several other users remarked, "I was thinking the same," noting how they were surprised at the unexpected outfit choice. The post has since garnered almost a million likes after the "Donda" crooner posted it.

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Fans Were Equally Intrigued By The Sheer Size Of Kanye West's Bed

Kanye West & Bianca Censori at Miami's LIV nightclub

While some of West's followers were left confused by Censori's presence on the bed, others were more captivated by its massive size.

One person asked, "[What] size of bed is that? Alaska King XXXL?" while a second joked, "All I can think about is trying to get a fitted sheet on this bed."

A third user commented, "If I had this bed I would still sleep on the side of the bed to the point of almost falling off."

Some claimed the bed was the same one used in West's controversial music video, "Famous." In the music video, released in 2016, West could be seen lying on a large bed while flanked by other notable figures, including Donald Trump and singer Taylor Swift.

Commenting on the similarity between both beds, a fan wrote, "That bed reminds me of the bed from Famous video."

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What Bianca Censori Wore In The Clip

Kanye West Calls Wife Bianca Censori The Most 'Amazing Stepmom' With '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

In the recent clip, Censori was seen donning a white net-like outfit that hugged her figure and enhanced her curves.

As the model lay on the bed, half of her body was supported by two of the five-plus pillows. The bed itself seemed noticeably larger than a standard king size, its sheets elegantly matching Censori's attire, which added to the overall aesthetic of the scene.

Meanwhile, Censori had her left leg extended straight while the other was folded upward, giving off a sultry pose. She complemented the outfit with a pair of silver strapped heels and appeared to hold her phone like she was taking a picture of someone.

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The clip seemed to be taken from an elevated angle as the camera panned directly onto Censori. It's unclear if West was the one who shot the clip, but a faint sound at the start suggests he might have been the one behind the camera.

Kanye West Was Invited To Visit His Wife's Family

Kanye West Sued For Allegedly Punching 'Fan' Asking For An Autograph

Although it is unclear why Censori opted for a less provocative outfit in the recent video, it comes on the heels of reports that her father has invited West to visit the family in Australia.

However, West honoring the invitation is unlikely, as Censori fears it might lead to a showdown between her father and her husband with regard to her explicit dressing in public and other controversial looks.

"Kanye has been invited to go to Australia and Bianca is hesitant to allow this to happen because she knows how her father will react," a source told the Daily Mail.

The source added, "Her dad still plans to have a sit down with Kanye, and Leo will not be intimidated by Kanye's power or control. No one is expecting this to be all rainbows and family portraits."

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Bianca Censori's Mother Recently Visited Her

Kanye West & Bianca Censori leaving their hotel during Paris Fashion Week

Earlier in the month, Censori's mother visited her daughter in a bid "to see for herself" if she was just a puppet being controlled by West.

"Bianca's mom had to see for herself after Bianca told her family she has this under control," a source informed the publication. "This has been a wonderful opportunity for Alexandra to get to spend time with Bianca and assess the situation for herself."

The source added, "Alexandra was lowkey believing she would come to save her daughter. But this is not the case. Kanye has started to turn things around since the release of Vultures in the sense that he is not going off on as many unhinged rants."

Following the visit, reports emerged that Censori's father wasn't "necessarily pleased" because he "feels like she enabled Bianca to continue doing what she is doing."

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