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'RHOBH' Annemarie Wiley Calls Out Bravo For Misrepresentation After Getting Fired

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 21, 2024 at 3:00 PM EDT

Annemarie Wiley has a bone to pick with Bravo! 

In a statement on social media, the 40-year-old expressed her disappointment that the network did not ask her to return for the upcoming 14th season of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Annemarie said she had more to show viewers than talking about her co-star's esophagus.

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Annemarie Wiley Wanted Viewers To Experience 'True Black Love' Through Her Family

Annemarie Wiley attends Charity Gala in Beverly Hills

When Annemarie made her debut in the sixth episode of "RHOBH" season 13, she garnered praise from fans.

She soon cemented her place in their hearts when she engaged in a seemingly endless debate with Sutton Stracke regarding the size of the store owner's esophagus. 

Unfortunately, viewers will not see the battling duo sort through their differences as Annemarie confirmed her exit from the series just after one season. Taking to Instagram to break the news, the nurse anesthesiologist began:

"I just got word today that I will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. I never auditioned for this show. The show found me and asked me to be on it out of the blue, 6 weeks after the cast had already started filming."

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Despite her initial enthusiasm for the opportunity, Annemarie shared regrets about not being able to authentically share her true self "or even a glimpse of my unique life story." 

After noting being blessed with the love and support of her husband, Marcellus, and their four kids, the competitive athlete disclosed what she had planned for the show's 14th season.

She wrote, "It was an important mission of mine for the next season to show a solid Black family unit and that 'rue Black love' exists, even in Beverly Hills."

The reality star also aspired to share her personal struggles, including the profound loss of her mother to lung cancer and her journey through the complexities of adoption trauma. 

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Pushing her disappointment aside, Annemarie extended well wishes to her former co-stars for the upcoming season and expressed gratitude to Bravo for the opportunity.

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Fans Are Not Impressed With Bravo's Decision

Since Annemarie announced her exit, fans have shown their support through the comment section. 

"You deserved to have another shot! WOW. Super disappointed in @bravotv @bravoandy. I guess the key to staying on the show is giving ZERO," one person commented. A second person stated:

" deserved another chance. I guess the only black woman on the show wants to stay the only black lady on the show." A third fan similarly typed, "You got one of the most unfair chances we've ever seen unfortunately. You deserved another shot. I'm so sorry this is happening."

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"I'm sorry!!! You deserved another chance to show your life," a fourth Instagram user shared, as a fifth added, "They couldn't handle the greatness!! Their loss, continue being an amazing mom, wife, friend, APN, advocate, etc. You have inspired so many!!!!"

Annemarie's Husband Had A Successful Football Career

Not long after news of Annemarie joining the "RHOP" cast surfaced in March 2023, Women's Health spilled that she was adopted as an infant and spent her childhood in Vancouver. Her adult self is described as a quintessential Type A personality with a bustling lifestyle. 

Notably, she was introduced to the Bravo series through longtime cast mate Kyle Richards, a detail Annemarie shared during an Instagram Q&A session for new cast members.

Regarding her husband, it was disclosed that Marcellus is a former NFL star. During his ten-season career, which commenced in 1997, he excelled as a defensive end for several football teams, including the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, and San Diego Chargers.

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Annemarie Cannot Get Enough Of Her Husband's Support

Marcellus Wiley and Annemarie Wiley at Homeless Not Toothless 2023 Hollywood Gala

Annemarie and Marcellus exchanged vows in 2014 and commemorated their nine-year wedding anniversary in June 2023.

Annemarie publicly marked the occasion with an Instagram post that highlighted the cherished moments with her husband. As she penned at the time:

"Thank you for supporting me as I strengthen the muscles of being comfortable being uncomfortable. Thank you for teaching me to always be my own biggest cheerleader, and to never let anyone tilt my crown. And, most importantly, thank you for your unconditional love and for being 'my person.' I love you. Always."

Annemarie Wiley's Husband Was Accused Of Rape, But He Denied It

Marcellus Wiley and Annemarie Wiley at the 23rd Annual Harold

Months after their anniversary, an anonymous individual filed a lawsuit against Marcellus, accusing him of rape and sexual assault during their time at Columbia University. 

The accuser alleged that the former athlete assaulted her, stating he "raped her multiple times in her dorm room" during the fall 1994 semester.

Per Life & Style magazine, who obtained the documents, the woman asserted that she told Marcellus she was a virgin after they had become "friendly acquaintances."

Marcellus allegedly responded, "Ain't nobody tryna have sex with no virgin!" before he climbed on top her and raped her. The filing stated that Marcellus was placed on "academic probation" due to "poor grades" after the accuser spoke up about the alleged incident.

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Marcellus has since denied the accusations, admitting that even though he and the unidentified woman had "messed around," they did not engage in "vaginal intercourse."

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