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Olivia Dunne's Spectacular Duet with Angel Reese Sets Fans Abuzz, Dubbed 'Superstars'

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By Alisan Duran on March 21, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT

LSU's beloved gymnastics sensation and social media influencer, Olivia Dunne, has concluded her illustrious collegiate journey, marking the end of her senior year with the Tigers. Her final performance for LSU, against North Carolina, showcased her unparalleled talent and dedication to the sport.

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Olivia Dunne Collaborates With Angel Reese

As Dunne bids farewell to her college career, she's received heartfelt praise from fellow LSU athlete Angel Reese, who excels in the realm of basketball. With a nearly 13 million followers on Instagram and TikTok combined, the gymnast's influence extends far beyond the gymnastics floor, captivating fans with her charisma and skill.

Now, in a touching display of camaraderie, Dunne, 21, reciprocates Reese's admiration, highlighting the strong bond shared among LSU's exceptional athletes.

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Walking Around The LSU Campus

Angel Reese

In the midst of the emotional backdrop surrounding Dunne's final performance for LSU in gymnastics, she shared a fresh TikTok video alongside Reese, also 21, adding an intriguing twist to the narrative. The video, which garnered significant attention from fans, showcased both stars in a light-hearted moment on the LSU campus.

Captioned as "Just walking around the (LSU) campus... when you all swear I'm never on campus," the video comprised two clips featuring Dunne and Reese navigating the university grounds.

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Flaunting Their Sporty Outfits

Through this playful display, the two LSU superstars aimed to address queries from their followers who doubted their presence on campus while actively engaging in their respective sports. Dunne, in her segment of the video, mentioned that she was sporting attire from Vuori Clothing and had her earphones on, while Reese opted to share that she was accessorized in Lululemon gear and had her Beats headphones with her.

This collaborative TikTok video not only showcased the camaraderie between Dunne and Reese but also provided fans with a glimpse into their off-court camaraderie, further solidifying their status as influential figures within the LSU community.

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Angel Reese Cheers For Olivia Dunne

Angel Reese
Instagram | Angel Reese

Recently, Reese, a prominent figure in the Big Ten conference, showed her support for Dunne on her Instagram profile. In a recent post, the college basketball player extended a message of encouragement to the star gymnast. Reese affectionately addressed Dunne with the phrase "Geaux Queen!"

Reese also extended her well wishes for Dunne's future endeavors, highlighting the camaraderie between athletes across different sports within the collegiate landscape.

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Fan Reactions

The sight of Dunne and Reese together on a college campus naturally sparked excitement among fans, prompting an enthusiastic response in the comments section. This display of mutual support and admiration further emphasizes the strong bond shared between athletes at the collegiate level, transcending individual sports and conferences.

The official account of Accelerator Active Energy on TikTok couldn't contain their excitement as they announced, "Even we saw you on campus!!" in response to the duet post featuring both LSU stars.

Among the comments, one admirer of the LSU content creators exclaimed, "Yes, this duo!" expressing enthusiasm for the dynamic partnership between Dunne and Reese.

'LSU Queens'

Another comment hailed both social media personalities as "LSU queens," acknowledging their influential status and the positive representation they bring to their university. These comments not only highlight the admiration and support garnered by Dunne and Reese but also underscore their significant influence within the LSU community and beyond.

Another fan in the audience expressed, "Now there's definitely two superstars," showcasing their excitement about witnessing both exceptional players representing LSU together. This sentiment highlights the recognition of Dunne and Reese's individual talents and the impact of their collaboration on the university's sports scene.

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Similarly, another member of their fan base wrote, "2 GOATS," charmed by the fantastic collaboration. This abbreviation, standing for "two greatest of all time," underscores the perception of Dunne and Reese as legendary figures in their respective sports, cementing their status as icons within the LSU community.

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