Jessica Biel Settles Lawsuit Over Now-Defunct Kids Restaurant

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By TheBlast Staff on June 5, 2019 at 4:25 AM EDT

Jessica Biel's kid-friendly restaurant closed their doors for good last year and now they've closed the doors on a lawsuit that accused the establishment of stealing from their employees.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Au Fudge restaurant and their various partners have settled a lawsuit filed by nine former employees. The two sides went through mediation and they expect to file for dismissal of the case next month.

Our sources say both sides are pleased with the settlement. Terms of the agreement are confidential.

As The Blast first reported, the former employees sued the restaurant, claiming the Au Fudge collected nearly half a million dollars in gratuities from their private events but never passed along that money to their employees.

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The employees claimed the restaurant earned the bulk of their money through “buyouts” and private events. According to court documents — and invoices included in the lawsuit — the restaurant routinely charged clients a 22% gratuity for those events.

The nine employees — who were all “young adults” who worked at Au Fudge “as a way to get by” as they tried to crack into showbiz — claim they never received any of that money.

The employees believed they lost out on $430,100 in gratuities from the events. They also claim they lost an additional $31,549 in missed rest breaks, which they claim the restaurant denied them.

They were seeking an additional $1,000,000 in punitive damages from Jessica Biel and the rest of the partners.

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