Chief Keef's Baby Mama Coming for His Music Money in $500,000 Child Support Battle

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By TheBlast Staff on June 5, 2019 at 9:57 AM EDT

Chief Keef's baby mama is not playing games when it comes to the half a million she is allegedly owed from the rapper for back support.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Erica Early has added Glory Boyz Entertainment to her battle with her baby daddy. Glory Boyz is a music label launched by Keef that he uses to release his albums.

Early is adding the company to her legal battle with Keef to determine if she can seize any of his income from the label to collect on the alleged $471,910 owed in back support.

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43-year-old Early has a daughter with 23-year-old Keef, named Kimora Cozart, who was born in 2013. She sued the rapper for paternity and support months after the child was born. A judge ordered him to pay $2,500 a month in support but she got the amount raised later to $10,713 a month.

As The Blast first reported, Early recently went back to court demanding a judge step in over the alleged back support Keef refuses to pay. Early claims Keef refuses to make his $10,713 a month support payments and currently owes $471,910 plus interest. She is demanding a judge make him appear in court to explain why he is in contempt of court.

The rapper, who has admitted he has nine children with nine different women, has yet to respond to the recent deadbeat dad claims.

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A hearing has been set for later this month.

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