Kevin Garnett's Millions at Stake in Divorce After Estranged Wife Challenges Prenup

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By TheBlast Staff on June 6, 2019 at 11:37 PM EDT

Kevin Garnett is gearing up for a fight with his estranged wife because she's claiming their prenuptial agreement is invalid.

The former NBA star filed a request to bifurcate their divorce and set a trial to discuss enforcing the prenuptial agreement against his ex, Brandi Garnett.

Kevin explains there is a "dispute" between the two and Brandi now claims she signed the premarital agreement "under duress." He wants a trial to decide on the enforceability of the agreement before the former couple get into divvying up their assets and setting guidelines on temporary support he may be forced to pay.

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According to his declaration, Kevin makes it clear, "I began playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995, about nine years before Brandi and I married." He estimates that, "my total earnings during the time I played for the NBA were over $300 million."

Kevin also mentions that he has suffered financial hardship, including his financial advisor, Charles Banks, allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from him.

"I was shocked and extremely distressed to learn that Banks had embezzled approximately $70 million from my savings and investment accounts," he explains. The NBA star says he's been working with new financial advisors to withdraw and move his investments around to try and save his nest egg.

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The Blast broke the story, Brandi filed for divorce against Kevin last year after 14-years of marriage. They have 2 daughters, and Brandi has requested physical custody of the girls.

Kevin says that he and Brandi have already agreed to temporary support of $100,000 per month, but believes invalidating the prenuptial agreement will open the door for her to receive an additional "windfall" of support that may not be warranted if the agreement is enforced.

The NBA star's request will be heard next month.

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