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How Did Kristin Cavallari & New BF Mark Estes Meet?

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 12, 2024 at 7:15 PM EDT

Kristin Cavallari is spilling all the tea about how she met her smoking young new boyfriend!

The "Laguna Beach" alum hard-launched her man, Mark Estes, on social media last month to mixed reactions from fans, who were bothered by the huge age gap.

However, that hasn't stopped Cavallari from giving fans insight into their steamy love.

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Kristin Cavallari Met Her Young Boyfriend On TikTok

Kristin Cavallari attends 57th Academy of Country Music Awards

On Tuesday's episode of her "Let's Be Honest" podcast, Cavallari explained how she found love again thanks to TikTok. She recalled that it all began in September when she was scrolling the app and stumbled upon Estes' boy group, Montana Boyz.

"I go, 'Holy s---, who are these guys, because they’re so hot, but specifically this one,' who I’m going to refer to as Montana. I send it to you," she says while referring to her BFF Justin Anderson who joined her on the episode. "We're both like, 'This is the hottest guy we’ve ever seen.'"

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Although Cavallari described Estes as her "type," she moved on with her life until three weeks later when she received a DM on Instagram from the Montana Boyz saying "I love you." The television personality described her excitement at the DM as that of "a little high school girl."

She immediately got to work and invited the boys to her podcast. As she was setting up the interview, her assistant told her the Montana Boyz were moving to Nashville where she lives. Cavallari revealed she initially planned to have fun with the boys and kept communicating with them via DM.

"I was like, they’ll come on the podcast, it'll be a fun flirt, that's it," she said, but that changed when she realized Estes was the one she was chatting directly with.

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"I asked which one I was talking to and he said, 'This is Montana responding.' And I said, 'Oh, good. You're my favorite.'"

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Kristin Cavallari & Mark Estes's First Date Was Before Valentine's Day

Cavallari and Estes continued their conversation and finally met for the first time after the boys finally relocated to Nashville.

She met the group of boys in person during a night out in Nashville but she "still did not think anything would ever happen." However, to her surprise, Estes made the first move and asked her to be his Valentine. "It's cute," she said of the gesture.

The couple wasted no time getting at it and set a date for February 13 because Cavallari already had plans with her children for Valentine's Day.

"He came, he brought me flowers, picked me up, we went to dinner, it was very sweet," she recounted of their first date.

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The 'Very Cavallari' Star's BF Met Her Kids Before Their First Date

Just like their fast-paced romance, Cavallari and Estes reached a super important milestone before their first date—he met her children! She recalled that the introduction happened when he came to pick her up for their first date.

"This is the real first guy I'd say they've met. When Montana came to pick me up, the boys were like, 'Can I show you my room?' Like Montana's upstairs with my kids, seeing their rooms. My boys were so excited about him."

She continued, "I think more than anything, my kids were really excited for me. My kids really wanna see me happy. And I've been really good about separating my dating life from their life."

The television personality further added that her son Camden begged her for Estes' number, and when she spoke to her boyfriend about it, he gave her the green light.

Cavallari shares her three kids — sons Camden, 11, Jaxon, 9, and daughter Saylor, 8 — with ex Jay Cutler.

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Cavallari Goes Instagram Official With Mark Estes After Weeks Of Dating

"The Hills" star's revelation about the origins of her love story with Estes comes weeks after she debuted their relationship for the first time on social media.

She shared a sweet photo of her and her new man during what appeared to be a couple's trip to Cabo, Mexico. Cavallari and Estes placed their heads together and smiled serenely in the heartwarming upload.

The reality star donned a yellow halter-neck outfit with a beaded strap while her man opted for a white shirt with tiny black-and-white designs and a blue baseball cap. "He makes me happy," she cheekily captioned the post.

Reacting to the Instagram post, one fan quipped, "When the picture came out HOT, and it’s too good not to post. Hard launch!"

Some Fans Didn't Love The 13-year Age Gap

Kristin Cavallari

However, not all fans were pleased with the relationship debut. Many criticized the age gap between the lovebirds: Cavallari is 37, while Estes is 24.

"What could a 37-year-old and 24-year-old possibly have in common," wondered one confused fan, while another wrote, "Oh, she’s in her cougar era."

Another comment read, "Miss ma’am … we understand he is FFFFIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEE but I feel like his dad might be more qualified for daddy material."

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