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Andrew Tate's Legal Woes Broadens As The UK Gets In On The Action

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 12, 2024 at 12:15 PM EDT

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate have reportedly been arrested in Romania for the second time. 

Initially detained in December 2022 and later released in 2023, they faced allegations related to sexual crimes and trafficking. Now, the brothers are under investigation for sexual charges again, with an arrest warrant issued by Great Britain.

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Tristan & Andrew Tate Arrested For Decades-Old Charges

Andrew and Tristan were apprehended Monday night on charges ranging from 2012 to 2015. Westminster Magistrates' Court in London issued a European arrest warrant, and an investigation is pending.

The controversial internet stars have since staunchly refuted all allegations leveled against them, and their representatives have vowed to vehemently challenge these accusations. 

During their courtroom appearance, Andrew and Tristan were flanked by four police officers, two of whom were outfitted in riot gear.

Despite being in close proximity, the brothers skipped out from interacting with each other and instead opted for discussions with their respective legal counsel. 

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As Sky News reported, the former kickboxing athletes are scheduled to appear at the Bucharest Court of Appeal on Tuesday to determine the execution of the warrant.

Legal counsel for the four women accusing Andrew of sexual assault and rape promptly alerted British authorities upon discovering his potential plans to flee Romania. 

Matthew Jury, managing partner at McCue Jury and Partners, welcomed Andrew's apprehension, expressing concerns over potential evasion of justice in Romania and beyond. 

He added, "We are grateful to the British authorities for taking our concerns seriously and issuing an arrest warrant."

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The lawyer further urged individuals like Piers Morgan, Tucker Carlson, and others to cease providing Tate with a platform, or at the very least, to interrogate him regarding the allegations rigorously. 

According to Jury, allowing the internet sensation to "spread misinformation" about the criminal accusations he is facing, not only in the UK but elsewhere, only serves to perpetuate his "toxic influence amongst vulnerable young men and boys" even more.

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The Tate Brothers Were Previously Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Seven Women

Before this arrest, Andrew and Tristan were charged by police in June 2023 as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.

They stand accused of recruiting at least seven women through social media platforms and luring them to visit their villa on the outskirts of Bucharest.

According to the nation's anti-organized crime agency, the charges were lodged in a court in Bucharest, Romania's capital. 

As The Blast reported at the time, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism released a statement alleging that the disgraced brothers, alongside two women, formed a criminal group in 2021 with the intent to commit the crime of human trafficking.

One of the defendants is also accused of raping a woman on two separate occasions in March 2022.

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As expected, Andrew, who has been living in Romania since 2017, firmly denied the charges, asserting that the case is a politically motivated conspiracy designed to silence him.

Andrew Tate's Accusers Launched A Crowdfunding Campaign That Quickly Surpassed The Target

Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate

As part of their quest for justice, the women who filed the complaint against Andrew and Tristan initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Justice.

They quickly surpassed their initial target of £8,000 and rallying support to reach £50,000 for the campaign, which came with this heartfelt plea:

"We are three survivors of Andrew Tate's violent and misogynistic ideology. During his time in the UK, Tate subjected other women and us to serious and violent sexual and physical assaults. Despite facing prosecution in Romania, he has never been held accountable for his crimes in the UK."

The women also declared their intention to initiate measures to prompt "a criminal investigation in the UK and pursue a civil case" against Andrew for "compensation" to aid in rebuilding their lives.

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Informants Alleged That Andrew Has A Bizarre Hold Over His Younger Brother

Portrait of Andrew Tate
Instagram | Andrew Tate

Amid the ongoing controversy, some insiders previously claimed that Tristan would not have been involved in the scandal if not for Andrew.

Explaining the situation, one source suggested that Tristan's feelings toward Andrew went beyond a typical sibling bond, stating:

"[Their] relationship dynamic is very odd. It's like Tristan is held captive by Andrew and believes [or] follows everything Andrew says or does."

Another insider declared that Tristan emulated his brother's persona rather than that of their father, Emory, while a third went as far as labeling the younger Tate as Andrew's "lapdog." 

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