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Let's Make Meatballs With Jersey's Own Julia Molinari!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 11, 2024 at 3:15 PM EDT

Looking for a new recipe to try that won't take tons of time, money or cooking skills? Julia Molinari has just what you need for a delicious new dish that will satisfy your taste buds.

The viral content creator shares many of her easy-to-follow recipes that will simply make your mouth water on TikTok. She recently shared her meatball recipe that makes for a great dinner option any night of the week.

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Julia Molinari Shares Her Mouth-Watering Meatball Recipe With Millions!

Julia Molinari
TikTok | Julia Molinari

Get your mixing bowl, a few simple ingredients and a thirst for a new recipe ready to go, because Molinari is ready to share!

What you'll need: ground beef, seasoning, breadcrumbs, an egg, parsley, parmesan cheese, oil, and your favorite sauce.

After adding ground beef and seasoning to her large mixing bowl, Molinari shared "a little secret."

"Let me let you in on a little secret they don't tell you about meatballs," she said. "Breadcrumbs, your best friend. Plain, we don't do pre-seasoned around here."

She then proceeds to pour a decent amount of the container of breadcrumbs into the meat mixture as she says, "That's gonna make it taste good."

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Then It Was Time To Add Some Parmesan Cheese Into The Mix!

Molinari then added a generous amount of parmesan cheese into the mixing bowl before chopping some fresh parsley.

"I don't want a bouquet of flowers," she said, "I want a bouquet of parsley."

After adding the freshly chopped "bouquet of parsley" into the bowl, she also cracked one egg and poured some milk into the mixture before taking her rings off so she can get her bare hands into the bowl to do the important job of mixing it all together.

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Julia Molinari Used Her Bare Hands To Mix The Meat And Massage It Into Balls

Julia Molinari
TikTok | Julia Molinari

It was finally ball-rolling time! Molinari used her bare hands to fully combine the meat mixture and then roll it into multiple medium sized balls.

After adding some oil to a pan and heating it up, it was time to drop the balls into the oil to cook them to perfection.

Off camera, Molinari also made a pot of homemade sauce to cover the cooked meatballs with when they were done cooking.

Once the meatballs were fully cooked, she added a few to a plate, topped them with her homemade sauce and some of the fresh chopped parsley and cut a meatball open to show the camera. "Wow," she said before taking a bite.

Many of the 1.7 million viewers of the video shared their thoughts in the comment section.

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"Now best friends with breadcrumbs," wrote one follower. Another added, "Looks beautiful chef, proper Italian cooking. Keep them coming."

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Julia Molinari Doesn't Only Share Cooking Content!

While most of Molinari's TikTok content revolves around entertaining cooking demos and tasty recipes, she shares a bit of a different vibe over on Instagram.

In one carousel of photos, Molinari shares her sea-worthy side wearing a bikini top and sweatpants while driving a boat.

Molinari's more than 135,000 followers on Instagram know she's a Jersey girl through and through and loves to be out on the water and on the beach. In quite a few posts, she's wearing a bikini showing off her beach body and her followers love to see it!

Many followers leave comments about how beautiful she is and how she should be modeling.

"Stunning as always," one person wrote in the comments of a bikini photo on the beach. Another person added, "Most perfect."

Jersey Girl Julia Molinari Shares Beach Scenery In Many Of Her Posts

It's no secret that Molinari is a Jersey girl to the core. Much of the background scenery shown in her Instagram snaps are beaches, boardwalks, and out on the water.

In a post shared in 2022, Molinari tagged her location as Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Wearing a skimpy black tank top and black sweats with the sandy beach and ocean as the perfect background, she pulled in tons of positive comments complimenting her appearance.

In addition to lots of fire emojis and heart-eye emojis filling the comment section, many told her how great she looked.

"You’re gorgeous," one follower wrote. Another added, "You look very beautiful." One other follower said, "Hot AF."

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