Matt Rife Under Fire For Starting A Fight With 6-Year-Old

Comedian Claims Lewd Allegation Against Matt Rife Was 'Parody' Amid Threat Of A Lawsuit

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By Favour Adegoke on March 8, 2024 at 4:30 PM EST

Comedian Nima Yamini has seemingly backtracked after sharing a wild story about him and fellow comic Matt Rife.

Yamini had alleged that he and Rife were offered "online stardom" by two "Hollywood executives." However, there was a catch: they had to have oral s-- with the executives in exchange for fame.

On getting wind of Yamini's wild story, Rife has reportedly begun seeking legal action against the comedian.

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Matt Rife Is Seeking Legal Action Against Nima Yamini

Matt Rife Under Fire For Starting A Fight With 6-Year-Old

According to reports, Rife is sick and tired of people using his name for online attention. The popular comedian is allegedly considering taking legal action against Nima Yamini after he made shocking allegations against him regarding his rise to fame.

Earlier this week, Yamini went viral after sharing a video detailing an alleged shared experience he had with another young up-and-coming comedian.

Yamini said in the video that he and the person were both offered a chance at "online stardom" by two "Hollywood executives" if they were willing to perform fellatio on them.

"I immediately got up and walked to the door," Yamini stated while describing how the other person immediately went to town on the Hollywood execs, doing as he was told for a chance at fame and stardom.

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"That guy's name was Matt Rife," Yamini claimed.

Although the story sounded completely made-up from the start, TMZ claims that Rife is taking it seriously due to its defamatory elements. The comedian and his lawyers are allegedly looking into various legal options and a potential lawsuit against Yamini.

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Nima Yamini Claims His Video On Matt Rife Was A Parody

Shortly after news of Rife seeking legal action against Yamini made headlines, the 43-year-old comedian immediately backtracked and stated that his viral video was a parody.

In a new video clip shared online, Yamini noted that he does not know Rife personally, and everything he says is satire and should not be taken seriously.

"A while back, I did a parody video on my page, 'Alpha King Nima,' about comedian Matt Rife. Alpha King Nima is satire; it's jokes," Yamini said.

He then added that an account on X, formerly Twitter, posted his parody video without context and passed off his "joke as a truth."

"I don't know Matt Rife. I've never met him, but my silly joke shouldn't discredit him. I really do wish him success, and my content is entirely satire...," Yamini added.

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He concluded, "My content is exclusively for entertainment, no hidden agendas. So please, everyone, stop hating based on rumors, lies, gossip, jokes. Matt Rife didn't have me do this, but I wanna give an explanation. That was wrong. The Matt Rife conspiracy is just not true."

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Matt Rife Previously Threatened Legal Action Against A Plastic Surgeon

This is not the first time Rife's name has been used in a viral online joke. The 28-year-old comedian previously found himself at the center of a social media storm when a Chicago-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, posted a video seemingly satirizing having made the "greatest jawline ever" for an unnamed celebrity client.

Initially shared on TikTok, the video quickly went viral with over 16 million views before Caughlin shared it on Instagram, where Rife found him and accused him of lying.

Rife commented at the time, "Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI." However, unlike the situation with Yamini, Rife's name wasn't directly mentioned in the surgeon's video, which led to fans trolling him. 

They claimed the comedian told on himself because no celebrity's name was mentioned in the video clip.

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The Comedian's Beef With A Six-Year-Old Old

Comedian Matt Rife Gets Slammed For Sexist 'Black Eye' Joke In His Netflix Special
Instagram | Matt Rife

Shortly after the beef with the plastic surgeon, Rife found himself again in another online feud with a six-year-old child in December last year,

At the time, the comedian was getting roasted for his Netflix special that fans believed promoted domestic violence against women.

Bunny Hedaya, a popular TikTok user, posted a stitch to one of Rife's jokes from his "Natural Selection" comedy special, in which he discussed women relying on astrology.

In Hedaya's video, her son jokingly corrected Rife on which planet has rings around it and added that the comedian was mean to girls.

Not one to let things slide, Rife responded to the six-year-old: "Jupiter also has (a) ring. OH!… and Santa isn't real. Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck."

Although Rife quickly deleted his comment, Hedaya said in an interview that the comedian had yet to apologize to her son.

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