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Former Soldier Kindly Myers In Tiny Bikini Has ‘Beach Hair’ In Miami

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By Kristin Myers on March 16, 2024 at 7:00 AM EDT

Model Kindly Myers has beach hair and she doesn't care!

The Army National Reserve veteran left her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, in order to visit her favorite spa in Florida. While she was there, she took a quick trip to Miami to soak up some sun on the beach!

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Kindly Myers Is Soaking Up The Sun In Miami

It looks like Kindly is living it up in Miami! It’s no secret that the popular model loves spending time at the beach, and fortunately, she got to soak up a little bit of sun while visiting Boca Raton Beach, Florida. Although she filled up her carousel with plenty of selfies that featured her lying in the sand, she also shared a photo of her posing in a black and purple bikini in the final slide of her carousel. She brushed her long blonde hair back out of her face with both hands, hiding her eyes behind aviator sunglasses.

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“Beach hair, don’t care. Quick day trip to Miami yesterday. The weather was perfect. I wish I could have stayed longer. I’ll be back soon,” she wrote in the caption along with the emoji of a sun. “Beach days are always the best,” one fan commented. “You look stunning in that third photo. God, you’re gorgeous,” another follower gushed. “You just get better and better each time,” a third fan chimed in while another follower added, “Your hair, eyes, and face are so beautiful. Your bikini is amazing, I love your curves.”

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Kindly Is Manifesting Her Dreams In Her Little Crop Top

Kindly showed off her bold fashion sense when she posed for a few photos in downtown Nashville. She wore a cream-colored sleeveless crop top that had a bit of a turtleneck with camo-print pants. She carried a Fendi bag by her side while showing off her toned abs and tanned skin. Her long blonde hair fell around her face in loose waves as she moved through a series of poses, looking down to show off her long lashes.

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“Manifesting my dreams and minding my own business,” she wrote in the caption. “…and why not? You manifest my dreams,” one fan commented. “Wow. I love it. Just beautiful,” another follower wrote. “You’re not living the dream. You ARE the dream!” a third fan gushed. “Great fit. You look amazing, Kindly!” another follower exclaimed. “Of course, always manifest your dreams and never let them go. Btw, you look fabulously sexy as always,” another fan gushed.

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Kindly Snaps A Few Selfies While Sitting In Traffic

On Wednesday, Kindly shared a few selfies that featured her sitting in the driver's seat of her car, with her seatbelt strapped over her chest. Her long-sleeve tan shirt is partially concealed under her wavy blonde hair as she hid her eyes behind aviator sunglasses. Fans who swiped right got to see the popular model lick her glossy lips suggestively with her tongue. "Way more interested in how my life feels to me, than how it looks to others."

She also used the hashtag "spring" even though the photo was shared on the last day of February! Still, her fans didn't seem to mind. "Your future is so bright, you have to wear shades," one fan teased. "Loving this look," another follower wrote. "You're so cute," a third fan gushed. "Every picture of you looks so gorgeous and beautiful and stunning," another follower shared. "You are looking delicious in these pics," another fan wrote while another follower called her "hot and sexy AF."

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Kindly Myers In Pink Bodysuit Shows Off Her Curves

Fans love to see Kindly in pink, as there is no denying that she looks like a real-life Barbie doll! Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she moved through a few poses in a pink bodysuit that she matched with white crew socks and sneakers. It must have been cold in the studio, as fans couldn't help but point out the nippy display Kindly was putting on underneath the thin fabric. "It's going to be a good day, y'all," she wrote in the caption.

"It just got a lot better. Beautiful pictures. You are heartstopping and positively gorgeous," one fan gushed. "It is now, baby," another follower agreed. "You look absolutely stunning," a third fan chimed in. "Indeed it will, thanks to you and the very sexy self you always show us," another follower gushed. "Wow, so beautiful," another fan added while another follower called her "perfect in pink."

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier gave fans a look at her full booty in a black thong before turning around and lifting up her sweatshirt to show off her braless chest! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

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