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Reneé Rapp's Fans Say She 'Deserves Rest' After Postponing Shows Due To Illness

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 5, 2024 at 8:15 PM EST

Fans are behind Reneé Rapp putting her health first. 

The singer and actress' social media announcement detailing the postponement of two of her upcoming United Kingdom shows due to illness was met with support and empathy for her health struggles. 

Fans excitedly cheered her decision to prioritize her health while promising to anticipate her return to the stage.

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Fans Have No Problem With Reneé Rapp's Decision To Reschedule Her Shows

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Rapp has opened up about the tough decision she had to make to postpone two shows in the U.K./European leg of her "Snow Hard Feelings Tour" due to an undisclosed, ongoing illness. In a statement shared on Tuesday, the 24-year candidly began:

"guys I'm sure you could tell but my voice was gone after last nights show. I've been sick for the majority of the European leg of this tour, and without any recovery time I can't seem to shake it."

The "Mean Girls" actress noted that she needed "to rest my voice and not sing through for risk of long term injury," since she planned "to keep delivering high quality shows" to her fanbase. 

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Getting to the main gist, Rapp expressed her regret as she revealed the rescheduling of her afternoon and evening performances, originally scheduled at The Brook in Southampton, England, on March 7. 

According to her, both shows are now being pushed back to a new date coinciding with her performances at Reading and Leeds in England this August. After highlighting her desire to "have the new rescheduled date to share with you before the weekend," she concluded:

"this tour is everything to me but holy s— am I burnt and I have to prioritize my health in this moment. love you and appreciate your understanding endlessly ❤️."

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Despite the pain the update must have caused her fans, they promptly turned up for her in the replies, with one person stating, "I love you so much please rest, we'll be there when you're ready." 

Another fan posted, "Love you so big and hope you can get some much needed and DESERVED rest," as a third declared, "Take care of yourself baby we love you and care for you so much! you deserve rest and relaxation. Thinking of you!"

Similarly, a fourth Rapp supporter exclaimed, "Baby, you deserve a break! This tour was crazy and exhausting, especially starting with jet lag! I'm sure everyone will understand."

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It is worth noting that the news about the "Meet the Plastics" artist's health comes after it was announced that she would be performing at this year's Coachella festival. Her debut performance will be headlined by other industry stars such as Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, and Tyler, The Creator. 

Hopefully, the "TikTok: In the Mix" star will regain her voice before the annual event scheduled for April 12-14 and 19-21.

Rapp's Coming Out Journey Was Aided By This Hollywood Show

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Before taking a break to take care of her health, Rapp discussed how her participation as Leighton Murray in "The Sex Lives of College Girls" helped her come out. 

In the first season of the Mindy Kaling series, Leighton was showcased as being in the closet. However, all that changed during a scene with Pauline Chalamet's character. In the scene, Leighton tearfully confessed to being romantically involved with another woman.

Reneé Rapp acknowledged that even though they were acting, the coming out scene with Chalamet felt profoundly authentic, attributing this to the genuine emotions conveyed in that moment. As she explained during an interview last month:

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"I think it made it a lot easier in ways that pissed me off, but I'm also really grateful for it. That [show] was the most parallel experience in my life, and I remember doing that specific coming out scene and not acting at all. I was just sobbing. I see that, and I don't see a character. I'm like, 'That's me.'"

Beyond aiding in her coming out process, The Blast observed Rapp's addition that portraying the role of Leighton also "forced a lot of people in my life and my family to have to accept me in a weird way."

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