Renee Graziano is photographed at Benny's On The Beach Restaurant in Wellington, Florida

‘Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano Marks 120 Days Of Sobriety After Near-Fatal Overdose

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 5, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST

Reality TV star Renee Graziano is thriving months after a near-death experience motivated her ongoing wellness journey.

The "Mob Wives" alum recently marked 120 days of sobriety, an achievement she proudly celebrated on social media. The fantastic record comes at the heels of a recent podcast appearance, where she recalled how her 2023 overdose impacted her lifestyle.

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Renee Graziano Looks Radiant In Her 120 Days Sober Post

Embracing a sober lifestyle seems to be doing wonders for Graziano, as she flaunted a glowing complexion in her latest Instagram update. She reposted a TikTok video of herself outdoors, lip-syncing to "Like What," the hit freestyle track from hip-hop sensation Cardi B.

The 55-year-old gave a slick performance in a gray sweater and matching baseball cap over her shoulder-length raven hair. She recited the lyrics, mouthing:

"First, that b— hate me, then this b— hate me. And somehow, they link up, and they become friends, like, how? B— pipe down."

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Renee Graziano at the Re-Opening of 40/40 Club
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"Let me give you something to talk about!!! 120 days sober b-----es!!! 4 month baby!!! Blessed and Highly Favored!!" Graziano captioned the video alongside several hashtags, including "#godisgood, #happy, #smile, and #soberandsexy."

She also gave Cardi B a special shoutout, noting her love for the rapper has grown thanks to the famous line she lip-synced to in the video. Her post received positive responses from fans, who celebrated her sobriety achievement.

"Congratulations, mama! The greatest blessing. Long, long life. Amen," a fan penned. Another supporter chimed in, "Congratulations, Renee, you are amazing, so proud of you, stay blessed baby. From one grateful and recovering addict to another, sending all my love & support."

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As stated, Graziano's 120 days of sobriety came months after a near-fatal overdose in 2023. She recalled the impacts of the scary incident on Bunnie XO's "Dumb Blonde" podcast, with the full interview set to air on Wednesday.

In the show's YouTube teaser, the 55-year-old got candid about how she ended up in the hospital after taking a bad batch of drugs. She explained that she didn't know the substance she overdosed on was laced with fentanyl and ended up losing her memories over three days.

Graziano revealed she was bedridden for a total of nine days, a period in which she claims none of her family members came to visit or check up on her. The negative impacts of her near-fatal overdose didn't end there, as she says she had to learn how to walk again.

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Fortunately, the horrific incident helped the reality TV star realize she needed to overcome her addictions, and she began her sobriety journey by entering a rehabilitation facility in November 2023.

Renee Graziano Entered Rehab Facility After Scary Drug Relapse


When Graziano bravely decided to turn her life around, her manager, Chris Giovanni, shared the good news with sources. He revealed the entertainer nearly died last mid-September over what she described as a "bad batch" of drugs.

At the time, Giovanni did not share what substance his client had consumed but noted she got the product from a dealer. He only had limited information about the incident, as Graziano briefly recalled the details when she called from the rehabilitation facility.

According to the talent manager, the "Celebrity Big Brother" alum was given ten minutes for her call while accompanied by a counselor. Giovanni noted that the little details he got from Graziano matched his struggles to communicate with her.

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He claimed the pair's contact had been sporadic and brief from September to November 2023. During this period, his employer relapsed as she couldn't deal with the loss of her father, Anthony Graziano, a former consigliere of the Bonanno crime family.

Although the Graziano patriarch died in May 2019, his death remained a significant weight on his daughter's shoulders. Additionally, the reality TV star's struggles increased in January 2022 when she crashed her car into a parked SUV on Staten Island.

The 55-year-old was arrested for causing the incident, and she tried overcoming her addiction to sleeping pills by seeking help from "The Hills" star Jason Wahler and his Red Songbird Foundation. Unfortunately, the treatment didn't stick for long, as she relapsed and entered another rehabilitation facility in 2023.

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