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Viral TikToker Is Calling Out 'Love Is Blind' As They Film In Minneapolis

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 4, 2024 at 7:00 PM EST

While many reality TV fans are anxiously waiting for the end of this season of "Love Is Blind" to be released on Netflix, there's one person who's thinking ahead to an upcoming season.

Viral TikToker Andra, who goes by @hopeyoufindyourdad on the app, shared an emotional plea to the show on their cast vetting process because of leaked information she stumbled upon.

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TikTok Creator Andra Went Viral For Calling "Love Is Blind" Out!

Andra on TikTok
hopeyoufindyourdad - TikTok

Andra shared an emotional plea to the show after finding out someone from her past will be featured on a new season of "Love Is Blind."

"So, someone just leaked to me some of the photos of the cast of the new season of 'Love Is Blind' that they're filming here in Minneapolis. And like, I knew when I heard that they were filming here, in my stomach, that I would recognize some of the names on that list, and I would have some information on those boys," she said.

"Cause, you know what, Minneapolis is a big city, small town sort of vibe where everyone knows each other and the dating pool here is very, very small. So if you've messed up, someone's gonna know about it."

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Andra continued to say that she's not sure how much she can reveal but wanted to say she's "exhausted and tired of society rewarding sh---- men who treat women terribly and manipulate and lie all the time."

She also said she understands why people go on reality TV shows - for attention - and that this drama makes for good entertainment. She ultimately did not name this person and said she would not be watching the Minneapolis season.

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In the comment section, Andra gave a little more insight on where she heard this news.

"It was in that FB group 'Are we dating the same man,'" she wrote.

Many people dropped into the comment section to lend their support on the issue Andra is facing, as well as to tell her she's not under any contract so she shouldn't feel the need to stay quiet.

"Baby please tell your story. it's yours to tell. you didn't sign an NDA," one person wrote. Another added, "Reality TV always picks the WORST ppl. Trust me," to which Andra replied, "Just an update, he has also blocked me as well now so this confirms it was him in the photos and he has heard."

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Andra Shares A Follow-Up To Her Viral Video

Andra on TikTok

Andra shared a follow-up video to explain the story a little further.

"So here's an update on the boy I know who's currently filming the next season of 'Love Is Blind' here in Minneapolis, who shouldn't be on the show. One, because he's not on it for the right reasons and two, because he's just a terrible person," she said. "For so many years, I just saw him and his friends treating women like they were just entirely disposable objects, just like garbage."

After talking further about this man and what he's done, she explained that she blocked him everywhere except for one specific platform. After she uploaded the video talking about him that went viral, she found out that he blocked her on that platform. She said the fact that he blocked her confirms that he is indeed the man in the photo she saw in a Facebook group.

"I don't really wanna get into a whole big legal thing about this so for legal reasons, this is all just my opinion," she continued. "But also, I just want everyone to be on alert because I believe once this show airs, or maybe like when more photos come out about this, the girlies will be able to sniff out who the man we shouldn't trust is here."

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She further explained that this man used to have a YouTube channel and "a very different looking Instagram that all got wiped and cleaned up" before he applied for the show.

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Many viewers left comments talking about the new season.

"Are we dating the same guy drama spilling over into Love Is Blind is peak entertainment ?," one person wrote. Another said, "What I would give to be in the are we dating the same guy Minneapolis group rn."

What Does The Application Look Like To Get On "Love Is Blind"?

The Blast did a little digging to see just what the application process looks like for people interested in being on a future season of "Love Is Blind." The first step is an online application.

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A post on Kinetic Content Casting on Instagram back in August of 2023 looking for cast members for the Minneapolis season had a link to the application.

After the usual name, address, college information, occupation, etc, we get to the meat of the application.

"Do you want children in the future?"

"What are your hobbies?"

"Are you currently single?" (This one shouldn't need to be asked, but if you've watched any of the previous seasons or any other dating reality shows, it's sadly necessary. Maybe should be higher up on the application though, no?)

"Please take a moment to briefly describe your dating history. What is the longest relationship you have been in? The shortest?"

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There are about 50 other questions to answer. The application also asks if there are any conflicts between February 4 and March 22, 2024, and then a few questions further down, they ask if there are any conflicts between February 25 and March 16, 2024. They also ask if they are eligible to travel outside of the United States.

After all the questions, they ask for social media handles, photos, and a video. They also want to know, "Do you know anyone else who is applying for Love Is Blind?" and you must sign under, "I hereby warrant and represent that any information I have provided herein is correct, truthful, and accurate."

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