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Melania Trump Allegedly Wanted Donald Trump 'Humiliated' Over Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels Scandal

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By Favour Adegoke on March 1, 2024 at 1:30 PM EST
Updated on March 2, 2024 at 11:42 AM EST

A new book has shined a light on former First Lady Melania Trump's reaction to her husband Donald Trump's hush-money scandal involving adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Trump had allegedly paid Daniels six figures to keep quiet about him cheating on Melania, which reportedly angered her and made her want to "humiliate" him.

The billionaire politician is scheduled to stand trial on March 25 over the money, and prosecutors have already requested a gag order to prevent him from assaulting witnesses.

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Melania Trump Wanted To 'Humiliate' Her Husband

Donald Trump's Marriage To Melania Is Allegedly Only About 'Business And Not Pleasure'

In her book, "American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, From Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden," New York Times reporter Katie Rogers noted that after the allegations first saw the light of day in 2018, Melania was very pissed with Trump.

According to Vanity Fair, she was so angry that she decided against traveling with him abroad at the time and instead returned to Mar-a-lago.

That rage reportedly persisted until last March, when Trump was criminally charged for the hush money deal with Daniels, and Melania allegedly did not care if he ended up in prison.

"[FLOTUS press secretary Stephanie] Grisham, who traveled with her on that jaunt, said that the first lady had wanted to communicate her anger to the president," Rogers writes in her book.

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Grisham also told Rogers that Melania "was p----- at Trump and wanted him to be a little humiliated that she took off."

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Melania Trump Didn't Sympathize With Donald Trump's Plight

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are seen driving away in the motorcade after arriving on Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport

According to the publication, Melania was still angry with Trump last year when he was arraigned by the Manhattan district attorney on 34 felony charges over the hush money deal with Daniels. Trump pleaded not guilty and denied that there was any such affair.

Melania allegedly didn't "sympathize" with the fact that he was facing criminal charges and a potential centuries-long prison time if convicted on all counts.

At the time, she seemingly "communicated" her anger by not showing up in court by his side, and neither did she appear at their Mar-a-lago estate for his post-arraignment speech.

A source close to the situation said "Despite what happens to Donald, she will be fine."

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The former president will now go to trial later this month over the deal as prosecutors requested a gag order preventing him from attacking witnesses, court staff, the DA's staff and their families, and any potential jurors.

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The Former First Lady Renogotiated Her Prenup With Donald Trump

Trump returns White House Cutting Short His Vacation

In her book, Rogers gave a deep dive into the life of the former first lady, revealing that she spent most of her time "meeting with teams of lawyers to examine her assets and attend to matters associated with her pre- and postnuptial agreements with her husband."

A Washington Post reporter, Mary Jordan, previously wrote about the prenup renegotiations in her biography of Melania, titled "The Art of Her Deal."

She noted that Melania used her leverage as First Lady at the time to renegotiate the deal and protect the interests of her son, Barron.

"She wanted proof in writing that when it came to financial opportunities and inheritance, Barron would be treated as more of an equal to Trump's oldest three children," Jordan wrote.

Reasons Why Melania Trump Renegotiated Her Prenup

Donald Trump Calls Melania's Mother 'An Incredible Woman' In Tribute After Her Demise

Speculations were rife about a potential split between Trump and Melania after the reports of her prenup renegotiations came to light. However, a source who spoke to Page Six claimed that wasn't the case at all.

Jordan also said in her book that all Melania wanted to do was protect her son Barron's "rightful share of inheritance."

She wrote, "According to three people close to Trump, a key reason was that she had finally reached a new and significantly improved financial agreement with Trump, which had left her in a noticeably better financial position. Those sources did not know precisely what she sought, but it was not simply more money."

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Trump's mounting legal issues were also a major factor in why Melania sought to renegotiate her prenup. The source told Page Six: "This agreement was necessary because of the current legal battles … [Donald] has suffered."

The insider added, "Trump remains very rich, but with mounting legal bills and judgments," the renegotiated prenup would ensure a "solid future" for Melania and Barron. They explained that Melania is not "threatening to leave" the marriage; she is simply protecting certain interests.

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