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And Baby Makes Six: Ayesha And Steph Curry Expecting Fourth Baby

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 1, 2024 at 1:05 PM EST

And baby makes six! Ayesha and Stephen Curry are growing their family!

Ayesha recently made the big announcement that she's pregnant with the couple's fourth child in an epic way in Sweet July magazine's first digital issue.

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Ayesha and Steph Curry Are Ready To Be Parents... Again!

Ayesha and Steph Curry

The childhood sweethearts turned NBA power couple are gearing up for a new baby in the house. Already parents to daughters Riley, 11, and Ryan, 8, and son Canon, 5, Ayesha just announced that baby number four is on the way!

The Sweet July magazine founder shared her news in the magazine's first digital issue, released on Friday.

"For so many years, Stephen and I thought we were done," she said in the story featured in this month's Sweet July issue. "We said, 'Three, that's it, we're not doing this again.' And then, last year, we looked at each other and agreed we wanted to do this again."

She continued to explain that for her, it was a decision that happened because she felt something was missing. And so baby number four will "complete our family."

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A lot is different for Ayesha this time around. Being a mom to older kids with hectic schedules, things are not how they were in her past pregnancies.

"I now have older children, who have full lives and schedules that we're balancing on a daily basis on top of work and all the family things," she said. "I'm also realizing how quickly time has gone by with our first three children, who are now self-sufficient and don't need as much from us."

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Stephen and Ayesha Curry and kids
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Ayesha is also experiencing this pregnancy through her children's eyes, which she said "has been so cool." And with each at different stages of life, the perspectives have been "the most exciting thing."

Another difference for Ayesha in this pregnancy is the age factor. She wishes the "narrative" around it would shift more positively.

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"I'm in my 30s, and so there's all this paperwork referring to the experience as a 'geriatric pregnancy' and all the concerns that come along with that. I think there's something that needs to be more nuanced when it comes to women, their age, and conversations around having children," she said. "Many women in their 30s and 40s are going through this for the first time, and being told you're 'old' feels alarming and wild. I think the narrative needs to be shifted a little bit."

Ayesha Curry Shared Her Pregnancy Announcement On Instagram

Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry arrive at the Club 55

On both Ayesha's and Sweet July's Instagram pages, Curry shared her pregnancy announcement in a post captioned, "Sweet July Magazine's first digital issue explores the gamut of our most cherished relationships. Introducing, The Village Issue, an appropriate theme for Founder Ayesha Curry who excitedly announces her growing family. Through recipes, reflections and community roundups, we’re spotlighting the indelible impact of chosen family."

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Many fans dropped into the comments to congratulate Steph Curry and his wife. Others asked if the baby is due in July like her other three children.

"Yes baby curry 4 is cookin'," one person wrote. Another added, "What a way to announce your pregnancy!!! On the cover of your own magazine too! ICONIC."

Gabrielle Union shared, "Yayyyyyyyyyy," in the comment section. And Ciara added, "Yay yay yay!"

Congratulations, to Steph Curry family!

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