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By TheBlast Staff on September 20, 2017 at 7:24 AM EDT

Jacob Tremblay can move from a room to a mansion because he locked in a huge six-figure contract for a leading role in another major production.

Tremblay collected $350,000 to play Auggie Pullman in the upcoming film, "Wonder," about a young boy growing up with a facial deformity.

The "Room" star got the job shortly after the success of his 2015 breakout role that gained him a Critic's Choice Award and co-star Brie Larson an Oscar.

His dressing room is most likely different this go around, because he's getting his own state of the art trailer full of everything.

Along with the $350,000 payday, Tremblay will get a ton of perks if "Wonder" receives financial success and awards. Considering his co-stars are Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts, there's a pretty good chance that'll happen.

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-- If the movie makes over $47,500,000 Tremblay gets a bonus of $125,000

-- If it makes over $55,000,000 he gets an extra $150,000 ... he gets another $150,000 if it hits the $65,000,000 mark

-- If it hits the benchmarks between $65,000,000 and above, he gets an additional $100,000 after each $10 million increment

As for awards, Tremblay will get $40,000 if he or the movie gets an Oscar nod, and another $40,000 for a win. He's also promised $80,000 for a Golden Globe win.

BTW, he's 10-years-old.


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