Aaron Carter: 'He's Inhaling Computer Duster' Says Friend in 911 Call (AUDIO)

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By TheBlast Staff on September 21, 2017 at 5:43 AM EDT

Aaron's Carter's friends desperately tried to alert cops the singer was driving around after allegedly getting high off computer duster just before he crashed his car.

According to 911 audio obtained by The Blast, a woman called the St. Petersburg Police on September 5 alerting officials that Carter was driving around after "inhaling computer duster." The woman says Carter was with his girlfriend all night while he was inhaling duster, and the girlfriend left after the two got into a huge fight.

The woman says the computer duster only "gets you high for a few minutes" but she's worried Carter will be a danger out on the road. She even begs the cops to arrest him to save him from any danger saying, "I would much rather see him go to jail than die."

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She also says Carter has been abusing his animals, and the girlfriend has video of it.

The woman says he's "very very ill, he's on the verge of death." She warns cops that the next time "you guys go out there it's going to be finding him dead."

The caller states, "He's been driving drunk all night ... I'm sure he was driving fast and intoxicated."

Carter actually did get in a car crash later in the night on September 5 when he plowed his BMW into a car sitting at a stop sign. Carter was cited in the accident.

According to another call made regarding Carter that night, a woman says "he's schizophrenic and bi-polar. He's been trying to purchase a gun and threaten people."

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A separate caller demands police do a welfare check on the singer, saying they were told "Aaron Carter is threatening to kill himself." She also says "he has a lot of prescription medication with him."

The dispatcher asks if the caller is aware if Carter's ever attempted to harm himself in the past, and she says he's been threatening it for months but not acted on it.

Another call comes in, presumably from Carter's girlfriend, who says he had just appeared on "The Doctors" and was told he needed to go to rehab or will die.

The dispatcher asks if she has tried to get him to go to rehab, and she says "I've tried, he won't listen. He thinks he's invincible and he's so far gone. He doesn't listen to anything I say."

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Audibly upset, his girlfriend says the only way he will be stopped is if he's "locked up."

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