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Kanye West Threatens To 'Close' His Instagram Account Over His Legal Name

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By Favour Adegoke on February 28, 2024 at 3:35 PM EST

Controversial rapper Kanye West has announced that his Instagram account will be updated with his new name, "Ye," after threatening to shut it down because his handle is still "@kanyewest."

In a post shared by West, he revealed a chat with another individual where he stated that he wouldn't be bullied into using his legal name.

This comes after the rapper took to the platform to lament being "raped" by Adidas, who he claims are suing him while releasing "fake Yeezys."

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Kanye West Says He Won't be Forced Into Using His Government Name

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"All of the Lights" rapper West has taken steps to ensure that his government name, "Kanye West," will be scrapped from his Instagram page and replaced with "Ye."

West announced in 2021 that he wants to be known as simply "Ye," claiming at the time that it is "the most commonly used word in the Bible. And in the Bible, it means, 'You.' I'm all of you."

On Wednesday, he took to his IG page to tell fans that his "name [is] being changed to Ye on Insta shortly."

In the post, he also shared an image of his chat with musician Justin LaBoy, which read, "I'm closing my Kanye West Instagram account. My name is Ye. No brand or numbers gonna force me to call myself what they want me to still be."

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According to HipHopDX, the original post had a longer caption: "Somebody has Ye as an account I would like to have my name so I can change my account to my legal name Nobody finna bully nothing Not no promoters Not no DSPs I don't care My name is Ye now You call me Kanye West then you calling me out of my name."

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Instagram Is Allegedly Working On Changing The Rapper's Name To 'Ye'

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In a follow-up post, West shared another text exchange between him, LaBoy, and a third person. In the chat, LaBoy confirmed to the rapper that Instagram had been notified and was working on changing his name.

"Instagram has approved[…]They just got into the office and called immediately," LaBoy wrote, adding, "Waiting on info they need to make it happen today."

In the comment section of his post, several of West's followers stated that they would still call him by his government name, with some joking that it sounded better than just "Ye."

One person wrote, "Imma still call you Kanye West 'cause that's what your mama gave [you]."

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Kanye West Calls Out Adidas Over Sales Of 'Fake Yeezys'

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The rapper recently slammed his former shoe partners, Adidas, claiming that they were selling "fake Yeezys."

West said, "Anybody who loves Ye would not buy these fake Yeezys I never made these color ways I'm not getting paid off of them and Adidas is suing me."

He continued, "All these celebrities and the public will stand against a T-shirt or the color of my hat, but when yall see me have my children hidden from me or see an actual Fortune 500 company rape one of your heroes in real life, don't nobody say nothing or do nothing."

West also ranted in another post that Adidas was suing him for $250 million and allegedly manipulating him with their "years of business experience."

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"Let me explain really clear to you guys what's happening with Adidas. Not only are they putting out fake color ways that are not approved, they are suing me for $250 million, and they are also not paying me for these shoes that they are putting out, that have my name on it," the rapper lamented.

He added, "And they are using contract clauses and 50 years of business experience to rape an artist. One of y'all favorite artists, right in front of y'all in broad daylight."

Adidas has yet to respond to West's allegations.

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