Former WWE Star Michael 'Virgil' Jones' Cause of Death Revealed

WWE Star Michael 'Virgil' Jones' Cause of Death Revealed

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By Favour Adegoke on February 28, 2024 at 1:35 PM EST

Former WWE star Michael Jones, known as Virgil, has reportedly passed away at 61.

Jones' final years were riddled with declining health and various illnesses, which led to a GoFundMe page being created to support his family with the financial burden.

From his debut in 1985 to his time in WWE as Virgil, he transitioned to WCW as Vincent. Despite retiring, he made sporadic wrestling appearances and found fame on the convention circuit. Fans mourned his loss and shared tributes online.

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Wrestling World Mourns the Loss of Former WWE Star Michael 'Virgil' Jones at 61

Wrestling referee Mark "The Count" Charles III took to Facebook to announce the passing of former WWE star Michael Jones, famously dubbed Virgil, at 61.

Before his death, Jones faced declining health over the years, battling through strokes, dementia, and stage II colon cancer.

His health struggles prompted him to create a GoFundMe campaign late last year to alleviate financial burdens.

Announcing the news of the devastating loss, Charles wrote: "My dear friends, it is with great sorrow that I bring news from the Jones family of the passing of our beloved Michael Jones, whom we know and loved as Virgil, Vincent, Soul Train Jones and more."

He added: "Virgil passed peacefully at the hospital this morning and I ask that you pray for him and for his family. May his memory be eternal!"

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Jones' official Instagram page also had a statement confirming his passing. It read: "This is to confirm the sad news about our beloved Meatsauce God and Wrestling Superstar Virgil/Michael Jones has passed away."

The statement continued, "There is so much to say here and would love to share stories but for now it's a rough day as our friend is gone. We would only ask at this time to remember him as the man that he was. Wishing him all the unlimited pasta in heaven. We love you Mike."

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The Wrestling Journey of Michael 'Virgil' Jones

Hailing from Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, Jones debuted in the world of professional wrestling in 1985, initially adopting the persona of Soul Train Jones within Jerry Jarrett's Continental Wrestling Association based in Tennessee.

In 1986, he transitioned to the grand stage of WWE, initially operated under the alias Lucius Brown, before undergoing a transformation into Virgil, the subservient companion to Ted Dibiase, during the summer of 1987. This career shift elevated Jones' trajectory and marked the trend where he humorously took on names of other wrestling stars, a nod to Dusty Rhodes with the moniker "Virgil."

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For close to four years, the wrestler dutifully served as Dibiase's aide until a pivotal moment at the 1991 Royal Rumble when he turned against his master, sparking a fierce rivalry that culminated in a memorable showdown at the 1991 SummerSlam. Here, Jones clinched victory over Dibiase, seizing the Million Dollar Championship.

However, post-feud, Jones experienced a decline within WWE's ranks, ultimately departing from the organization in 1994, although he briefly returned for live events in 1995 before venturing into other endeavors.

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Fans Pay Tribute to Wrestling Icon Michael 'Virgil' Jones

Following the announcement of his passing, fans took to various social media platforms to express their condolences and share memories of Jones.

One user wrote on Instagram, suggesting a unique tribute: "There needs to be a merch table at the funeral. He would have wanted that."

Another fan reminisced about their introduction to wrestling during Jones' peak, reflecting on his iconic Million Dollar Championship victory: "Started watching wrestling regularly in 1991, right around the peak of his career. Remember the Million $ belt win very well."

A third person shared a personal encounter with Jones, highlighting his kindness: "He was a kind soul! I had an interaction with him on Instagram in a DM, and he was just an incredibly kind soul."

Expressing heartfelt sorrow, another fan bid farewell to Jones: "This one hurts. Goodbye, uncle. Thanks for the memories and correspondence back and forth and for putting up my video of you. I will forever treasure it. Gonna miss you, man."

Rest in peace, Michael Jones.

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