Joshua Jackson Reveals How Wife Jodie Turner-Smith Changed His Views On Marriage And Kids

Jodie Turner-Smith Gets Candid About Divorce From Joshua Jackson

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 26, 2024 at 8:30 AM EST

Jodie Turner-Smith is remaining positive amid her peaceful divorce from fellow Hollywood star Joshua Jackson

The actress and model opened up about the "exciting new moment" following her decision to leave the actor in her first public discussion regarding the divorce in an interview published on Sunday. 

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Jodie Turner-Smith Is Undeterred By The End Of Her Marriage To Joshua Jackson

While Jackson has notably refrained from commenting on the shocking news of Turner-Smith leaving him just a day after they happily posed for pictures at a September 2023 event in New York, the latter is now speaking out for herself.

Sharing on the situation surrounding her now-defunct relationship in an interview, the mother of one began:

"Sometimes things we really want to work just don't end up working and that's OK. The most important thing is that you choose what's healthiest for you and your family and definitely your children."

Even though the 37-year-old did not explicitly comment on the reason for the split, she did suggest that stopping to ask yourself if you are truly happy in any situation was vital. 

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Jodie Turner-Smith attends the 2023 Gem Awards
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According to her, if the answer is negative, "then you have to make a move because I believe that there are visible scars from staying in places that are not good for us. And they don't just affect us, they affect everybody around us."

As it turned out, the "Queen & Slim" actress' three-year-old daughter, Juno Rose Diana Jackson, whom she shares with Jackson was foremost in her mind as she made the decision to file for divorce. On that, she explained to The Times:

"The bravest thing in the world is to recognize when something's not working and to make a move, and I always want to set that kind of example for my daughter."

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In her conclusion, Turner-Smith expressed that she did not view the marriage as "a failure." Instead, she reflected fondly and looked towards a happier future for them both, stating, "We obviously had such a beautiful moment together. And now it's time for a new moment for both of us. And how exciting!"

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Jackson Agreed To Share Custody Of Their Daughter With Turner-Smith

Despite the shock that came with the divorce filing, Jackson agreed to his ex-wife's request that they have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter. 

Additionally, legal documents acquired by The Blast reveal that the Canadian native concurred with the model's assertion that "irreconcilable differences" led to their breakup. 

He also agreed with the British performer regarding their iron-clad prenuptial agreement dictating the terms of dividing their assets. However, Jackson disagreed with Turner-Smith on one point — the date of separation. 

(FILE) Jodie Turner-Smith Files For Divorce From Joshua Jackson After 4 Years Of Marriage
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While the "White Noise" actress listed September 13, 2023, as their date of separation, Jackson claimed it was 17 days later, on September 30, 2023. This discrepancy suggests it might not have been one single event that ended the relationship. 

Regardless of this difference, onlookers are nearly confident that their divorce proceedings will likely be drama-free. In fact, Turner-Smith has since proposed the appointment of a private judge to help settle their divorce and keep the proceedings out of the public eye.

Jackson Was Willing To Reunite With His Ex-Wife If She Halt The Divorce

Turner-Smith and Jackson's relationship began with a whirlwind romance, culminating in an engagement just months after meeting at the father of one's birthday party in 2018. They obtained a wedding license from the Beverly Hills Courthouse in 2019 and welcomed their child in 2020.

Their marriage soon faced its first sign of trouble in September 2022 when the exes briefly unfollowed each other on Instagram. Even though the reason for the rift remains unclear, they quickly reconciled and subsequently appeared affectionate at various events they attended together.

Insiders later claimed that Jackson was caught off guard by Turner-Smith's divorce filing in October 2023. As one source told US media:

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"Joshua is heartbroken over the impending divorce. He always thought that he would be married and grow old with his family, and everything would be happily ever after. He had the dream scenario in his mind, and Jodie was his person and the person he thought he would be with forever."

The informant then mentioned that Jackson remained hopeful about repairing their marriage, expressing that he "would have loved nothing more than" to stay with Turner-Smith and, in an ideal scenario, might even consider reconciling "if she were to stop the divorce."

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