Conservative Family 'Disappointed' After Moving To Russia To Escape LGBTQ Ideology

Conservative Family 'Disappointed' After Moving To Russia To Escape LGBTQ Ideology

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By Favour Adegoke on February 23, 2024 at 7:15 PM EST
Updated on February 23, 2024 at 8:09 PM EST

Arend and his wife Anneesa Feenstra relocated their family from Canada to Russia to escape perceived LGBT ideology encroachment.

However, their dream soured when their bank accounts were reportedly frozen upon arrival.

Anneesa vented frustration in a deleted YouTube video, while Arend later apologized and clarified their commitment to Russia.

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Conservative Family Who Moved To Russia Says They Are 'Disappointed' In The Country

The conservative Christian couple from Canada made the bold move to relocate their large family of 10 to Russia to escape LGBT ideology.

However, their hopes of starting anew quickly turned into a nightmare upon arrival in Russia as their bank accounts, filled with the proceeds from selling their rural Canadian farm, were unexpectedly frozen due to "suspicious" activity, leaving them stranded and helpless in a country where they couldn't speak the language.

Anneesa's frustration boiled over, leading to a regrettable outburst against their new home, which only worsened their situation when Kremlin officials took offense. In a since-deleted YouTube video, the mom of eight said she was "very disappointed in this country at this point."

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She added, per Daily Mail: "I'm ready to jump on a plane and get out of here. We've hit the first snag where you have to engage logic in this country, and it's very, very frustrating."

However, in a subsequent update, Arend issued an apology, acknowledging that their "thoughts aren't always conveyed properly." He added that their funds had been unfrozen, and despite the challenges, they remain committed to building a new life in Russia "for the long haul."

In the clip, he emphasized that Anneesa's frustrations were not directed at Russia as a whole. However, Anneesa's tearful display in an earlier video has raised doubts about their true feelings towards their decision to relocate.

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The Conservative Family Moved To Russia Because Of Their Stringent Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Addressing the press during their relocation to Russia, Arend cited concerns about Canada not being the same country it used to be as a motivating factor for their move.

He explained: "'We didn't feel safe with our children there and for the future. There's a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don't agree with they teach there now."

The former beet farmer also shared that economic prospects in farming also played a role in their decision as Russia has "better farming opportunities." Arend also highlighted the former Soviet Union's perceived "strength" to "stand up against Western pressures" and its ability to shield their family from ideologies they found objectionable.

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"Other countries are under the Western influence and wouldn't be able to stand up against it," he claimed.

In earlier recordings, Arend voiced his "disgust" over the prevalence of "homosexual flags everywhere" in their neighborhood, expressing discomfort with what he perceived as the celebration and glorification of such values.

This sentiment played a role in the family's decision to relocate to Russia amid the backdrop of the country's stringent anti-LGBT laws enacted two years prior. These laws effectively banned any public display of support for the LGBTQ community.

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The Family Is Struggling With The Language Barrier In The Country

Before their move, the family sought reassurances from Russian authorities regarding assistance with their transition to their new environment.

Unfortunately, the family hit their second setback when they tried to unfreeze their money. In a YouTube clip, Arend expressed his frustration, noting the challenge of navigating the situation without English-speaking assistance in Russia.

"As much as banks have been very frustrating in Canada for me, I know that I can sit at a desk across from someone and explain it. And that's the frustrating part," he lamented.

Anneesa also shared her experience with the language barrier, adding: "We were naive on that. I needed to use the washroom, and on the doors said male and female, but I didn't know which was which!"

"In America, that wouldn't be a problem; it's a free-for-all in the bathrooms, but now, in our world, it matters!" her husband chimed in.

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The Family Has Branded Russia As The 'Land Of Opportunity'

As media attention swirled around the Feenstra family's relocation to Russia, Arend addressed the coverage with skepticism, cautioning his followers that "Western media for the most part is very biased, corrupt probably." "Lots of lies, lots of nonsense being spread around the West about us," he added.

Despite criticism, he asserted: "We are perfectly happy here, we're not planning on leaving here, we're not stuck here, we're not hostages."

Encouraging others to consider a similar move, Arend touted Russia's perceived openness to welcoming American families, "especially large families, Christian farming families, conservative people."

"There's tons of land and opportunity here," he added.

Arend also defended their portrayal of Russia as a country with a free press, prompting challenges from viewers to critique Russian leadership and ongoing conflicts.

Arend remained steadfast in his conviction despite any detractors, expressing contentment with their new life. "I just want to farm," he said. "I just want to farm and raise my kids in what I believe is a free country."

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