How OnlyFans 'Saved' Brandi Glanville's Life After Sexual Assault Claims

'RHOBH' Star Brandi Glanville Accuses Bravo Boss Andy Cohen Of Sexual Harassment

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By Favour Adegoke on February 22, 2024 at 5:19 PM EST
Updated on February 23, 2024 at 7:08 AM EST

Former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville has accused Bravo boss Andy Cohen of sexual harassment.

In a lengthy legal letter sent to NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, and Shed media by her lawyer, Glanville claims Cohen boasted to her about intending to sleep with a Bravo star while "thinking" of her. She said in the letter that Cohen's actions left her feeling "disgusted" and "trapped."

Glanville's letter also serves as a response to Manzo's sexual assault accusations, as she claims Manzo and Bravo fed false narratives about her, which has "destroyed" her reputation.

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Brandi Glanville's Lawyer Slams NBCUniversal, Warner. Bros, Bravo

How OnlyFans 'Saved' Brandi Glanville's Life After Sexual Assault Claims

In her letter, sent by powerhouse attorneys Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos, the reality star accuses NBCUniversal and Warner. Bros and Shed media for allegedly using her and ending their relationship "cruelly" over the drama that ensued during her time on "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip."

The letter, obtained by The Blast, implies that Glanville feels like the studio and the producers have wronged her after devoting her professional life to Bravo.

"Over the past year, Ms. Glanville has been subjected to a vicious media campaign based on false allegations of sexual misconduct. The false narrative, which NBC and Shed Media have apparently decided to foment, arises from Ms. Glanville's experience on 'Ultimate Girls Trip: Morocco," the letter states.

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It continued, "While the experience has been a nightmare for Ms. Glanville, it is far from the first time Ms. Glanville has been used and abused by NBC, Bravo, Warner Bros., and Shed Media. Indeed, Ms. Glanville has long been taken advantage of by the institutions with which she is indelibly tied personally, professionally, financially, and in the public mind."

In the letter, she also slammed fellow housewife Manzo's allegations of sexual assault, noting that their interaction during the "girls trip" was consensual. The letter states that all the cast members at the time partook in the "debauchery" after being told to "make good TV."

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Brandi Glanville Accuses Andy Cohen Of Sexual Harassment

'Real Housewives' Producers Shed Media Slammed By Brandi
Instagram | Brandi Glanville

In a shocking turn of events, Glanville also claimed that she was the victim of sexual harassment by her former boss, Andy Cohen. She claimed that Cohen sent her a video in 2022, wherein he appeared "inebriated" and told her that he plans on sleeping with another Bravolebrity while "thinking" of Glanville.

The letter read: "Worse still, Ms. Glanville herself has been a victim of sexual harassment at Bravo by none other than Andy Cohen. In a video sent by Mr. Cohen to Ms. Glanville in 2022, Mr. Cohen—appearing obviously inebriated—boasted of his intention to sleep with another Bravo star that night while thinking of her and invited her to watch via Facetime."

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It continued, "Mr. Cohen was Ms. Glanville's boss at the time and exercised complete and total control over her career. This was an extraordinary abuse of power that left Ms. Glanville feeling trapped and disgusted. It is inconceivable that Mr. Cohen remains in his post in spite of this behavior and harkens back to the bad old days of Matt Lauer and NBC News when profits were prioritized over people."

Glanville's letter serves as a notice from her lawyers that she is prepared to sue over the accusations leveled against her from her involvement in "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip."

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Her Lawyer Freedman Branded The Reality TV Industry 'Abusive'

Caroline Manzo Sues Bravo Over Alleged Sexual Harassment During 'Ultimate Girl's Trip'

In the explosive letter, Glanville's lawyer, Freedman, claimed that her situation was an example of "abusive practices" and emotional harm inflicted on people in the reality TV industry.

Freedman wrote: "This is yet another example of the abusive practices of the reality TV industry. Mark Geragos and I have heard from thousands of current and former cast members on reality shows about the physical and emotional harm inflicted on them by virtue of their participation. NBC, Bravo, Warner Bros., and Shed Media intentionally obscure their legal rights, bind them to illegal contracts, and knowingly cause them to suffer in silence."

The lawyer added: "We know there are untold numbers of innocent victims who have yet to tell their stories or seek legal redress. We encourage all of them to contact us and join our growing team as we fight for change in this sordid industry."

Cohen has yet to comment on the accusations.

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